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It’s not confirmed that a healthy person has a healthy sex life. These major activities are very important for a relationship. Your relationship can be finished due to these issues. Moreover, you can face a bad sex life during your period of aging, and it’s very difficult to accept. But it’s not time to worry as due to advancements in technology these issues can treated. Men can avail this opportunity. In this regard, our Harley Clinic provides P-shots in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. This treatment is to prove very effective for a person. This treatment will help to regain the loss and improve sexual health. No matter how much a healthy person is, they can also face such problems. If you want to live a healthy life then read the given details for consultation.

What is a P-shot?

This P-Shot involves a plasma-rich plasma procedure. If a person is facing disturbance in the flow of fluid then this treatment is prescribed by the doctor. This treatment is highly recommended by the researchers. The treatment involves the emitting of blood and then after some steps, it is injected into the unhealthy part of the body. Due to this blood will flow more fluently. Today technology makes such therapies that can solve every issue. It depends on the patient to choose the best procedure for himself.

Preparation Steps:

The treatment is quite simple and short. Before undergoing the treatment a patient has a discussion session with the doctor. You inform them about facing specific issues and also tell them that rather you have any type of allergy. At first, the doctor gives you anesthesia at the targeted area to numb it so that you can’t feel the pain. Your blood will be extracted from the healthy part of your arms. After that, the blood that is extracted will be put aside to perform some steps. Plasma-rich plasma will be separated from the blood. Later on, this specific PRP will injected into the patient’s affected area. This procedure took an hour to perform. You can go home on the same day of the treatment. 


You will get the amazing results that you deserve. The penis will gain a normal length and diameter. You will not face any eruption in the flow of the fluid. Your sexual performance will be enhanced. In short, the results vary from person to person. Everyone has their body characteristics so they respond differently to the treatment. 

What is the Purpose of this Treatment:

We are offering this offer for some common purposes. They are given below:

  • This treatment will enhance your sexual performance.
  • The treatment will boost your self-confidence to cope with the relationship.
  • You will observe a good and smooth ejection of the fluid.

Advantages of the Treatment:

Our Harley Clinic provides P-shots in Riyadh for people who are facing such problems. This treatment has a lot of useful benefits. Read and get to know about these given below:

  • You will get an increased length of the penis.
  • This treatment is much more secure and proven effective.
  • A candidate’s sexual act will be improved.
  • You will not face any pre-mature fluid production.
  • P-shot treatment has no side effects.
  • A patient will enjoy a healthy life with no health issues.
  • You will boost your self-confidence in you.
  • This treatment will help the patient to get rid of unhealthy sex life.

Precautionary Measures:

Our Clinic tries its best to guide a patient for their quick recovery. You should read these instructions before undergoing the treatment. 

  • You should inform the doctor about the medical history or any type of allergy you have.
  • A patient should tell the doctor about the problems that they are facing.
  • Avoid sexual contact during the treatment.
  • You should avoid activities like exercise for 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Only take those antibiotics that are prescribed by the doctor.
  • If you feel discomfort then you can use icepacks or hotpacks.
  • A candidate should not take any kind of blood thinners.
  • Follow the given tips for your quick recovery.

Healing Time:

There is no particular healing for this treatment. You can go home on the same day. A candidate can also have sexual contact. He can continue his normal life routine as usual. All you need to do is take the regular sessions required by the doctor. You should avoid all the unnecessary things that are not prescribed by the doctor. A candidate will healed according to his characteristics. 

An Ideal Candidate Who Should Avail of This Offer:

There are always some limits to applying for this opportunity. Our Harley Clinic offers P-shots in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia for men who want to get a good sex life. Before applying for this offer go through these instructions.

  • This treatment depends on the patient whether can have this treatment or not.
  • People who are facing problems in the ejection of the fluid.
  • A candidate who is not getting pleasure from the sex like before.
  • People who are under pressure and taking stress due to these issues.
  • The candidate who wants to have a successful personal life.
  • If you want to develop more strong sexual arousal. 


The price of P-Shot in Riyadh is quite affordable for all types of people. The exact price depends on the number of sessions required, the experience of the doctor, and the location of the clinic. These things have a great effect on the price. If you want to know about the exact price then contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Life gets so boring when you are not satisfied with your sex life. But now due to technology, you can achieve it with more pleasure. For this concern, our Harley Clinic provides P-shots in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. This treatment will solve your all problems regarding it. Our staff is very cooperative with the patients. The doctors have complete experience in their work and are very good experts. This treatment will bring back your pleasure. It upgrades your sex drives. You will be completely satisfied with our work. Hurry up! Try to avail this platform to make your life easy.