Buttock Augmentation in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Buttock Surgery

Buttock Augmentation or autoplasty is done to improve the contour of the buttocks. The surgery can be done by buttock implants or by taking fats from other parts of the body. Mainly fats are derived from the thighs, back, etc. In the real world, round and thick buttocks are taken as a symbol of passion and suggestiveness. In the last decade, Buttock Augmentation in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia has become popular, and the rapid growth of the surgery has also made it an important surgery for making the buttocks beautiful. You can undergo the treatment if you don’t like the shape of your butt or you feel low confidence due to the shape of your body.


The results appear instantly after the surgery. Within a few days, the buttocks will become more beautiful and fine as the skin emerges in place. After surgery, you can lose extra, saggy skin. The surgery also helps in making the buttocks area larger and smoother.

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How Long do Results Last?

Buttock Augmentation in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia with augmentation implants will last for your whole life. However, it is suggested to replace your implant every nine to ten years due to protection against infections. After the process, your butt will improve and the size of your butt will become larger than before and it will also make your body more beautiful.


Buttock augmentation has many benefits. Some important benefits are:

The surgery increases the size of the butt and develops more confidence.

With the increased size of the butt, the clothes will suit your body and make you look even better.

After the surgery, your body will have a better body proportion and your body will look nice.

The procedure is fully secure and satisfactory so that you don’t have any worries after the treatment.

The surgery will make you look younger.

The recovery time of the process is very short.

Your back look will be improved after the surgery.

Ideal Candidate:

You are a perfect candidate for buttock augmentation if you have:

Extra, saggy skin on your butts.

The size of your butt is small or it has an amorphous shape.

You are certainly stronger in both mental and physical health.

Individuals who are living a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy weight.

You do not drink or smoke.

You expect the treatment to be real and safe.

You do not like your butt or the shape of your butt.


Two methods of surgery are the Brazillian butt lift [BBL] and the other method is by inserting silicone implants. The safest method is the Brazillian butt lift and it is also suggested that you should take a Brazillian butt lift.

Your body conditions like blood pressure, and body temperature will be constantly checked during the procedure so that everything will remain under control.

Buttock augmentation is a life-changing procedure obviously in a good way but medical negligence can cause serious life-threatening complications. You should select the doctor for this procedure very carefully so that you have a safe surgery under the right circumstances. This process of Buttox Augmentation in Dubai is done by using local anesthesia and the procedure will be complete after 2-3 hours. It will boost your confidence and also improve your back look. You may feel pain for two to three weeks but it can be controlled.


If common anesthesia was used in the treatment you may need the time of a few hours spent in the hospital or recovery unit to let the anesthesia wear off your body. For some hours you will be unable to drive so you may need a driver that will take you back home. Pain in your buttocks will remain for at least two to three weeks but this pain can be controlled by painkillers and if the pain remains you should seek your doctor.

Are there any Side Effects?

Buttock augmentation is quite safe if you have undergone this procedure under the supervision of a qualified and experienced doctor. However, there are a few complications of which you should be aware, such as nausea or butt pain. Grafting of the fats can cause discomfort but the results are comparatively better.


The cost of Buttock Augmentation in Riyadh varies from person to person based on the following factors.

The type of technique used in the process.

Size of the treated area of the buttock.

The number of fats to be moved from the other part of the body to the butt.

Location of the clinic or hospital.

Experience of the doctor.

Why Choose Us?

This process of Buttock Augmentation in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is a complicated procedure. The reason behind its chance of complication is that the buttocks contain blood vessels that have a direct connection with the heart. So you should carefully choose your doctor before you undergo this procedure. You should choose a clinic for this treatment that has more reliable safety measures. Our Harley Clinic Saudia is the most reliable and preferred clinic for this, as it has the most efficient and qualified physicians who do their job efficiently without any mistakes. To get your treatment in our clinic fill out the form that is present below.