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Each pimple leaves behind a little mark, like ink on a page. Sometimes such marks remain, like lingering stains in a beloved book, long after the acne has cleared up. The interesting aspect is that Acne Scars Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia works wonders on such blemishes, effectively erasing them. Now let us simplify it as much as we can. The therapy is like possessing an extremely rare flashlight. However, rather than emitting ordinary light, it emits a unique type of light that transforms your skin, erasing those bothersome acne scars. The laser light smooths out those holes and imperfections by zooming in like a superhero. It is comparable to smoothing off rough skin with a smoothing tool. The exciting part is that there are various kinds of lasers. These various lasers aid in the healing of various scar types. To find out more about this incredible treatment, keep reading.

What are Acne Scars?

These are the marks or blemishes on the skin that remain after an acne breakout. They are enduring reminders of previous struggles with pimples and can take many different forms, such as shallow depressions, elevated lumps, or dark patches.

Outcomes of Therapy:

Each person may see different results from the treatment. Many people notice that the texture and smoothness of their skin are improving. In general, these benefits show up following a course of treatments and can endure for a considerable amount of time—from months to years—based on your skin type and level of skin care.

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Common Causes of Acne Scars:

  • Prodding or squeezing pimples can cause the acne to spread deeper into your skin, which increases the likelihood that you will develop scars.
  • Scars are more likely to remain after especially severe acne with painful cysts.
  • Genes from your family may also play a role; some people’s skin heals differently than others, making them more prone to scarring.
  • If you put off treating your acne, you run a greater chance of developing scars as the condition worsens.
  • If you don’t wear sunscreen, the visibility of your scars may deteriorate and become more noticeable.

Our Expert’s Counseling Session:

The skincare specialist assesses the patient’s skin condition, discusses treatment options, and explains possible outcomes during the initial appointment for the procedure. They ensure the patient feels informed and comfortable with the selected technique by setting realistic expectations and answering any questions. To personalize the treatment strategy, the specialist also looks into the patient’s medical history.

Preparatory Guidelines:

  • For safety, protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen frequently.
  • Stop using any drugs or particular skincare products that might conflict with the treatment temporarily.
  • Any allergies or skin sensitivity you may have should be discussed with the specialist.
  • To help your skin repair itself, drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet.
  • To enhance the efficacy of the therapy, adhere to any particular skincare regimen or pre-treatment washing procedures advised by the expert.

Treatment Options for Acne Scars at Harley Clinic:

Laser Resurfacing: 

With Acne Scars Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia, damaged skin layers are gently removed using concentrated light beams. This procedure encourages the development of smoother, new skin, like when layers are peeled off to reveal a blank canvas.

Chemical Peel:

During a chemical peel, the skin’s surface is treated with a unique solution that produces regulated exfoliation. Like peeling off old skin to reveal fresh skin, the solution removes the outermost layer of skin to reveal smoother, healthier skin.


In this procedure, small needles are used to make microscopic punctures in the skin. This encourages the skin’s natural healing process, which smoothes the texture of the skin as it repairs itself by producing more collagen and elastin.


Tiny crystals are used to gently exfoliate the skin. Similar to polishing a rough surface, these crystals eliminate flaws and dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling more refreshed and smooth.

Laser Treatment:

Concentrated laser energy is used in laser therapy to target certain areas of scar tissue. Smoother skin results from the breakdown of scar tissue by this energy, which also encourages skin regeneration and healing.

Dermal Fillers:

These entail the subcutaneous injection of customized gels or solutions. These materials give the appearance of smoother skin by filling in scars and plumping up depressions.


This is a technique where scar tissue is separated from the surrounding skin by a trained professional using a tiny needle. This procedure results in a smoother skin texture by letting the skin settle and relax naturally.

Important Guidelines That Help Avoid Making Scars Worst:

  • Keep your fingers away from spots affected by acne. By causing further inflammation, touching, squeezing, or scratching them might exacerbate existing scars.
  • Keep the sun off of your skin. Remember to use sunscreen frequently because exposure to UV rays can increase and worsen scars.
  • Select a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser. Strong cleansers and vigorous scrubbing could irritate your skin and highlight any scars.
  • Make sure your skin has enough moisture by using a high-quality moisturizer. Well-hydrated skin has a higher probability of healing and hiding scars.
  • You may try using over-the-counter scar treatments or ointments; they may help to gradually minimize the visibility of scars.
  • Keep up a healthy, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich diet to aid in the skin’s natural healing processes.

Price of Treatment in Riyadh:

The cost of treatment can vary greatly depending on several variables. The type of treatment you need, how much scarring you have, how many sessions you need, and where you live all affect how much it ends up costing. Thus, the cost of treatment is customized to your unique needs and tastes.

Why Choose Us?

For the treatment of your acne scars, the Harley Clinic is the best option. Our specialists design treatments specifically for you using their expertise and cutting-edge equipment. Your well-being is our priority, and we offer individualized care in a welcoming environment. You’ll have smoother, clearer skin and feel more confident when you choose us. 

Best Dermatologists for Acne Scars Treatment:

We are proud to have a group of excellent specialists at our clinic who specialize in treating acne scars. Our dermatologists are leaders in their profession, not just experts. They always stay on the cutting edge of the most recent developments in dermatology thanks to their extensive experience and strong dedication to skincare. Our dermatologists seek to change lives by providing outcomes that shine, helping people regain confidence and self-assurance in addition to treating scars. 

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