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People are often very inspired by celebrities and often think about how good their face and skin looks. While our busy routines often make it impossible to take time out for ourselves. How about we tell you that now you can achieve a celebrity-like facial glow by undergoing the best Red Carpet Facial in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. This is a luxurious facial that focuses on treating different skin concerns. So if you have to attend a wedding or an event, or just simply want to look the best version of yourself then this facial might be the best solution for your problems.

The Red Carpet Facial Experience!

Do you wish to achieve a celebrity-like glow? People most often admire celebrity’s skin as they are often glowing in front of the camera. Well, the secret is sometimes a camera filter, but often it’s a good skincare treatment. Red Carpet Facial is a luxurious cosmetic treatment that aims to give a rejuvenated appearance, often associated with a flawless complexion. It is a common procedure that celebrities like to undergo before any big, fancy event. This popular skincare technology uses enhanced ingredients and different techniques of LED therapy, oxygen fusion, and hydrating serums to help achieve the dream glow.

Why Consider Red Carpet Facial?

If you’re dealing with any of the following skin concerns or if you simply just want to look the best, and pamper your skin then you should consider undergoing this treatment:

  • If you want a good solution for reducing aging signs, acne marks, or enlarged pores.
  • Individuals who wish to experience a luminous radiant complexion for a special occasion, or event.
  • People who wish to enhance their skin texture, or make their skin smooth should consider getting this luxurious procedure.
  • If you desire to make your skin plump and appear more hydrating.
  • People who get self-conscious due to their wrinkles, or fine lines should also consider it as it targets these aging signs.
  • The treatment aims to exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cells from it. Which makes you look more fresh.
  • If you want to improve your skin elasticity.

Outcomes of Facial:

The results from the red carpet facial are instant, and provide an overall improvement of the skin while addressing many different skin concerns. Although people are often scared, and concerned while undergoing this therapy. But there’s nothing to be worried about as the treatment uses the latest technologies of LED therapy,  microdermabrasion, oxygen infusion, and different serums to address different skin problems. The clients achieve a pink glow and a refreshing look post-facial treatment. A single session can help provide good results.

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Pre-Facial Instructions:

Before the treatment, the dermatologist will ask the clients to follow certain necessary measures. These will include:

  • The dermatologist will first examine your skin problems, and also your skin type to make the treatment personalized according to your concerns.
  • You must avoid waxing, shaving, or plucking the treatment region 24 hours before the facial procedure.
  • Do not wear any makeup when you go for your appointment.
  • It’s better to avoid drinking, smoking, and taking blood thinners before the process.
  • If you have sensitive, or redness-prone skin, make sure to inform your dermatologist.

Step-By-Step Guide on Red Carpet Facial:

Here’s what happens during this famous, luxurious treatment:

  • The expert will begin through deep cleansing of the skin by using good, gentle cleansers. The cleansing helps remove dirt, makeup, or impurities from the skin.
  • The next step is skin exfoliation using enzyme peel. This peel is good for resurfacing the epidermis, buffing away dead cells, and unclogging the pores.
  • The expert then uses the radiofrequency technique to tighten the skin and improve blood circulation. This step also helps in sculpting the facial features such as jawline, and cheekbones.
  • In the next step, the expert infuses moisture into the face by using hyaluronic acid masks. This mask helps plump the face and enhance skin elasticity.
  • The last step is to infuse stem cells onto the skin, with the help of pure chilled oxygen. The stem cells include amino acids, and peptides, which can help in providing healthy, youthful skin with good tone, and texture.

Post-Facial Instructions:

After this facial people observe an immediate skin glow, as the dead skin cells, and impurities are removed. People also notice a visible reduction in dark circles and a reduction in large pores.

  • Try to avoid exposing your face to the sun.
  • Experiencing a bit of redness, itching, and swelling is pretty common for some people. But do not worry as these after-effects will only last for 24 hours.
  • Avoid using any hair removal method on the face for a few days.
  • For better, and long-lasting results you should attend more sessions, and take good care of your skin.

Advantages of Treatment:

The famous Red Carpet Facial offers the following benefits:

  • It nourishes and hydrates the skin.
  • The removal of dead cells helps gain a better, glowy look.
  • Minimizes the concerns of large pores, and offers a visible reduction in fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • It improves the tone, and texture of the epidermis.
  • People can a see visible reduction in their dark circles.
  • Helps people achieve younger-looking skin with a glowy complexion just like any celebrity would have on-screen.

Cost Details:

The Cost of Red Carpet Facial in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia will vary for each individual depending on the severity of their skin problems, and the number of sessions they require. To learn about cost details you should first undergo an initial consultation with our experts.

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