J Plasma for Thighs and Arms in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Cost

Different factors such as aging, weight loss, or pregnancy can often cause one to develop loose stubborn fat around the arms and thighs. It’s not as hard to get rid of fatty areas, as it is to get rid of the loose excess fat. People often get super tired of trying various hacks, workouts, and lifestyle changes. If the dropping skin of your arms or thighs makes you self-conscious about yourself, then we have the perfect good news for you. With our latest, innovative technique of J Plasma For Thighs And Arms in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia you can now say bye to this stubborn loose, and wrinkly fat. So begin your journey towards the perfect contoured silhouettes and discover more about this procedure by reading below.

Elevate Your Figure With J Plasma Technique:

The J Plasma Treatment stands at the forefront of aesthetic innovation and offers revolutionary sculpting of the thighs and arms. This innovative technique uses cold helium along with radiofrequency to sculpt the loose skin of thighs and arms. It is an effective and safe way to reverse the signs of aging and also helps deal with sagging skin with a minimally invasive technique. So if you’re tired of looking for effective methods for your stubborn loose skin then this might be the best solution to help you reach the goals of your desired figure.

Achieving Outcomes With J Plasma:

This affordable skin tightening treatment offers promising and long-lasting results. However, the results will not be quite visible right after the procedure. The clients will be able to see the results in a few months when the body produces more collagen, and the skin starts to tighten. Right after the procedure, it’s normal to have swelling in the treatment region. Once the swelling subsides you can see the results more clearly.

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Who Are Suitable Candidates For J Plasma Treatment?

At Harley Clinic Riyadh our experts first examine the patient’s condition by having an initial consultation with them. During this consultation, the surgeon will discuss your medical history and examine whether you can undergo this treatment. The suitable candidates for this therapy are the people who lie in the below candidacy criteria:

  • Individuals who have failed to get rid of their loose skin.
  • People looking for minimally invasive ways to get rid of the loose fat on their arms, and thighs.
  • People who are above 30 and below 70.
  • Individuals who can commit to following healthier lifestyles after the treatment.
  • Someone who wants to get rid of their stretch marks, and cellulite appearance.
  • If you wish to achieve tighter and firmer skin on your thighs, and arms
  • You want to reduce the saggy skin to enhance your appearance.

Procedural Details of J Plasma:

Let us help you provide a step-by-step guide on what happens during this procedure:

  • It’s necessary to provide the patients with either general or local anesthesia before the treatment.
  • After the anesthesia settles down, the surgeon will begin to create tiny incisions on the area that require improvement. 
  • Through these tiny incisions, the expert delivers the J plasma device underneath the skin.
  • This device releases the helium gas and the waves of radiofrequency underneath the epidermis. These waves and the gas create a cold effect under the skin.
  • The helium gas and the waves create a tightening effect in the skin. The therapy does not leave any wounds that require healing. 
  • The surgeon might perform this procedure as a standalone procedure or might carry a liposuction along with it.

What Does The J Plasma Recovery Look Like?

The good thing about this procedure is that the recovery period is quite short compared to the traditional liposuction method. However, the patients have to follow the following post-care guidelines:

  • One should not worry if they notice swelling, or bruising. These minimal side effects will take 1 to 2 weeks to subside.
  • It’s essential to wear compression garments during the recovery period.
  • The clients can also take mild painkillers on the surgeon’s recommendation, although the process is painless and you won’t need them.
  • Try not to engage yourself in any serious activities or workouts during the aftercare days.

Cosmetic Benefits It Offers:

Let’s take a look at the positive impacts of the procedure:

  • The best thing about it is that the results can last up to seven to ten years.
  • It’s an optimal tightening solution that can help contour the areas of arms, neck, and thighs.
  • The procedure does not involve big incisions, but only small punctures.
  • A safe method that does not leave any scars behind.

Charges For J Plasma in Riyadh:

J Plasma for Thighs And Arms in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia does not have a fixed cost. Our experts will inform you about the final treatment charges after a proper consultation. Because its hard to inform about charges without knowing the amount of skin laxity, the total number of sessions, and treatment areas.

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Life is too short to live with unwanted saggy skin! Well, why live like that when you can undergo the best J Plasma For Thighs And Arms in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia to achieve the figure of your dreams? If you have any more concerns or questions you can book an appointment with us!