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In the vibrant heart of Riyadh, where beauty fulfills the demand for beauty, Voluma Filler in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia presents the secret to timeless allure. This effective and safe method provides a clear blend of science and aesthetics, meticulously instrumented to improve natural beauty. With professional physicians and cutting-edge methods, we invite you to rediscover your pretty and younger radiance. These fillers, celebrated for their permanent results, provide a rejuvenated, attractive look that instills confidence and embraces the ageless allure of this cosmopolitan oasis.

Know More About the Technique:

The therapy is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that overcomes the issue of loss of volume due to age. This way is the favorite way of physicians to give some volume and contour to the midface and cheeks. The therapy has been proven by the FDA. rather than normal fillers, these fillers do not cause any hard bumps. Candidates normally get fast outcomes with this filler, which enhances over time.

Here is an elaborate read on Voluma Filler that you must know before booking a consultation with us.

Targets of Voluma Fillers:

The following are some certain problems which these fillers traer:

  1. Creases on face
  2. Defined jawlines
  3. Plump lips
  4. Facial lines
  5. Sharp cheekbones
  6. Straightener noses

Fast Facts of the Technique:

  • The therapy does not have any recovery time
  • The success rate is above ninety-five percent
  • The time needed for the process is about twenty to thirty minutes

Outcomes of the Process:

This process is the permanent-established filler with outcomes that will remain for at least eighteen months. But, most of the candidates observe a clear change on the initial day. It takes at least one to two weeks for the volume filler to style in place and outcomes to become more clear and visible.

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How Does This Filler Perform?

Voluma Fillers work by harnessing the power of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that provides volume and hydration. When administered, these fillers are expertly injected into targeted areas, such as the cheeks or chin, instantly adding volume and smoothness. Hyaluronic acid’s unique ability to bind with water enhances the skin’s natural structure, restoring lost volume and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Voluma Fillers not only offer immediate results but also stimulate collagen production, ensuring a long-lasting rejuvenation, often lasting up to two years. This combination of instant gratification and sustained revitalization makes Voluma Fillers a preferred choice for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty.

Who is the Most Suitable Patient for the Therapy?

The one who wants to get the process of Voluma Filler in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia must show some common signs to prove himself the ideal patient for the therapy. Some of the signs are given below:

  • Individuals with visible signs of aging, such as sagging skin, volume loss, and wrinkles.
  • Those seeking to restore lost volume, particularly in the mid-face and cheek areas.
  • Patients with clear expectations of what the treatment can achieve in terms of facial rejuvenation.
  • Suitable candidates are in good overall health, without severe medical conditions.
  • Willingness to attend a consultation with a qualified practitioner to assess suitability and discuss goals.
  • Prepared to follow recommended pre and post-procedure care instructions to ensure optimal results.
  • Seeking to enhance their self-confidence and embrace a more youthful appearance.

Choosing Voluma Fillers can be a transformative experience for those looking to address the signs of aging and restore a natural, youthful volume to their facial features.


The Voluma Filler procedure is a minimally invasive treatment designed to restore lost volume and rejuvenate the mid-face and cheek areas. The process begins with a consultation, where a qualified practitioner assesses the patient’s aesthetic goals. During the treatment, a fine needle is used to expertly inject the hyaluronic acid-based filler into specific areas, effectively restoring volume and contour to the face. The results are immediate, providing a more youthful and refreshed appearance. The treatment is relatively quick, typically well-tolerated, and requires minimal downtime, allowing patients to quickly resume their daily activities. Voluma Filler’s long-lasting effects make it a popular choice for those seeking a non-invasive solution to enhance their natural beauty.

Pre-Therapy Steps for the Procedure:

Pre-procedure preparations for Voluma Fillers include:

  • Schedule a consultation with a qualified practitioner to discuss your aesthetic goals and assess your suitability for the treatment.
  • Provide a comprehensive medical history to ensure the procedure’s safety and effectiveness.
  • Have a detailed conversation about your expectations and the expected outcomes.
  • Refrain from taking blood-thinning medications, supplements, or alcohol in the days leading up to the procedure, as advised by the practitioner.
  • Maintain your regular skincare routine but avoid using harsh products on the treatment areas for a week before the procedure.
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure your skin is well-hydrated, which can enhance the results.
  • Adhere to any additional pre-procedure guidelines provided by your practitioner to ensure a successful and safe treatment experience.

After-Care for the Process:

Post-procedure care for Voluma Fillers involves:

  • Allow your body time to recover and avoid strenuous activities for a day or two.
  • Continue with your regular skincare regimen but avoid strong products on treated areas for about a week.
  • Shield your skin from direct sunlight and use sunscreen to protect it from UV damage.
  • Drink plenty of water to assist in the healing process and maintain skin health.
  • If recommended, schedule a follow-up appointment with your practitioner to assess your progress and address any concerns.
  • Results may take time to fully emerge, but your skin will appear fresher, fuller, and more youthful.

Pros of the Therapy:

  •  Voluma Fillers provide subtle, natural-looking enhancements.
  • The treatment instantly restores lost volume in the cheeks and mid-face.
  • Results can endure for up to two years, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.
  • Voluma encourages collagen production, contributing to sustained rejuvenation.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive, with little discomfort and minimal downtime.
  • Voluma Fillers are highly customizable, ensuring a personalized outcome.
  • Enhanced facial volume often leads to increased self-esteem and self-assuredness.
  • The treatment is quick and suitable for busy lifestyles, offering both immediate and long-term gratification.


The cost of Voluma Fillers can vary widely depending on various factors, including the geographic location of the clinic, the expertise of the practitioner, and the amount of product required for the treatment. To obtain an accurate cost estimate and discuss your individual needs and goals, it’s advisable to schedule a consultation with a qualified practitioner or clinic. During this consultation, you can receive a personalized assessment and pricing based on the specific areas you wish to address and the extent of treatment required.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Harley Clinic for your Voluma Filler treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia because we are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty. Our expert practitioners are known for their precision and expertise, ensuring your comfort and delivering exceptional results. With state-of-the-art facilities and personalized care, we prioritize your well-being, offering a rejuvenating experience in the Harley Clinic Riyadh.