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You don’t have to be an expert to understand what we’re about to reveal about having beautiful skin. You’ve come to the right site if you’re interested in learning more about this Laser Carbon Peel Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. But its simplicity is what makes it appealing. There aren’t any complicated processes or spells to learn. It’s an easy path to brighter skin, where you can just relax and let science work its magic on your skin. We’ll go into more depth about it on the page below so you can understand how it can improve your skin without being confused by technical terms. Let’s examine how this treatment can improve the appearance and feel of your skin.

Main Goal:

The primary purpose of the procedure is to give your skin an entirely new outlook. With the help of this procedure, your skin’s natural collagen production is accelerated, easing wrinkles, balancing skin tone, and minimizing imperfections. In a word, the goal is to rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful and radiant appearance.


Within a few days of having the treatment, you’ll start noticing improvements in the texture and look of your skin. After a series of treatments spread out over several weeks to a few months, the full and long-lasting results—including smoother skin with reduced wrinkles and imperfections—typically become more obvious. 

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  • This gives a speedier recovery than more invasive procedures. It’s a practical option for people with busy schedules because you can return to it quickly.
  • You will have smoother skin, fewer fine wrinkles, and faded acne scars after this procedure, which also jump-starts the creation of collagen.
  • It reduces the visibility of big pores, giving your skin a more refined appearance and assisting in the promotion of an even skin tone.
  • This treatment reveals a vibrant and glowing complexion by removing dead skin cells, making it ideal for people who want to counteract dullness and lackluster skin.
  • It is a versatile option for treating several skin issues in one session because it successfully addresses a variety of skin ailments, including sun damage, acne, and uneven pigmentation.
  • It offers long-lasting advantages that guarantee better skin quality and a more youthful appearance for a prolonged period.

Ideal Contender:

  • Generally, healthy people without any medical issues that can complicate the process make suitable candidates.
  • This therapy is typically ideal for people with certain skin problems like acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, or visible pores.
  • It’s crucial to set realistic goals and understand that getting the best outcomes can take multiple sessions.
  • The targeted treatment area must be free of any open wounds, active skin infections, or recent sunburns.
  • For the best results and to reduce potential issues, it is essential to be willing to carefully follow post-treatment care guidelines.

Initial Appointment:

The doctor thoroughly assesses the patient’s skin type, issues, and general health during the initial appointment for Laser Carbon Peel Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. This evaluation is crucial in establishing whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure and allows for the development of a unique treatment regimen. The specialist also talks about potential risks and outcomes as well as any concerns or questions the patient may have. To make sure there are no circumstances that could compromise the effectiveness of the treatment, a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history is conducted.

Preparatory Guidelines:

  • To lessen the possibility of skin sensitivity, protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and frequently use sunscreen.
  • Change your skincare routine, including temporarily stopping the use of certain products like retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Refrain from using hair removal techniques (such as waxing or tweezing) for at least two weeks.
  • Stop taking aspirin and other drugs that may thin the blood for a certain amount of time.
  • Be properly hydrated because it can speed up the skin’s healing after the treatment.

Technique Used At the Harley Clinic:

  • Your face first goes through cleansing which guarantees that your skin is thoroughly clean and ready for the upcoming treatment.
  • Then your face is evenly covered with a unique elixir that contains tiny carbon particles which are then given some time to settle and dry on your skin. 
  • The laser now takes the front stage at this point. Your skin’s surface carbon particles are targeted by a soft laser beam. 
  • After the laser treatment is finished, the carbon particles are tenderly removed from the top layer of your skin. Your skin is cleansed of pollutants and old cells in this process.
  • Creams that are cooling or calming are then applied to your skin to comfort it. 
  • Your skin is protected from any potential sun-related problems by a specific sunscreen that is administered.


During the recuperation period, the majority of people may have a slight redness, similar to a moderate sunburn, although this normally goes away in a day or two. Many patients discover that the day after treatment they can comfortably use makeup to cover up any lingering redness. Although the recovery period is typically short, it is crucial to follow the expert’s post-treatment care recommendations to maximize outcomes and reduce any potential adverse effects.


  • Wear a cap and apply sunscreen with a high SPF to the treated area to shield your skin from the sun.
  • Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated because doing so can speed up your recovery.
  • When washing your face, use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser to prevent irritating the skin that has been treated.
  • To reduce the chance of skin irritation, avoid using abrasive skincare products for a few days following the treatment, especially those that contain retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids.

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