Mustache Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Mustache Cost & Deal

We welcome you to the world of hair restoration and hair rejuvenation where we are offering the best hair transplants and hair treatments to give you an enhanced and attractive look. 

Being a man you always want to look the way, that gives you a feeling of dominance. We understand that and we know that having a thick and defined moustache on the face plays a significant role in this. Unfortunately, all men do not have such mustaches naturally, or due to different reasons like hair loss or medications their mustache hair becomes less. Sometimes, young men do not have that much hair growth for mustaches in their puberty period. Whatever the reason is, we can solve it together with an effective and affordable Mustache Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia.

Aim of Our Mustache Hair Transplant:

Our aim is to:

Provide the best mustache hair restoration services to our patients so that they get their desired outcomes

To use the innovative techniques and tactics of hair transplantation for mesmerizing results

Give you a natural-looking mustache with a thick and denser texture

Mustache Hair Transplant:

A mustache hair transplant is a process of restoring the mustache hair whether it’s from overall or small blank patches in between the mustache. The process is the same as in the case of a normal hair transplant.

The hair from the donor region is taken for the recipient area and then after the withdrawal, they are adjusted in the targeted site which is the zone over the lips. The outcomes achieved by the process give you long-lasting results and you can enjoy a normal mustache, which you can shave, cut, and play with.

Outcomes of Mustache Hair Transplant:

Men who go for a Moustache hair transplant get good results which are permanent too. When the treatment is done by an expert surgeon the results are exceptional. 

Best Mustache Hair Transplant in Riyadh Mustache Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh Mustache Hair Transplant in Riyadh


There are different advantages of the procedure and you can enjoy all if you go for this:

Individuals can get natural results

Confidence will get a boost 

Results stay there for longer periods

Customized Transplantation

Treated by Experts

Affordable Cost

Who is the Ideal Nominee?

The ideal candidate for the Mustache Hair Transplant is those who have the following:

Men who have slow mustache hair growth 

If you are upset because of your thin mustaches

You want to gain more thick and define the manly face

When you are over 18 years old and an adult 

Have realistic expectations for the treatment 

Preparation Before the Procedure:

Before the surgery, individuals need to follow a certain pre-care or the doctor does some for the perfect desired outcomes. The care involves:

Your medical data is checked properly 

It is analyzed if you have diabetes or any other chronic issues

You are required to stop taking the medicines

Different supplements and blood-thinning drugs need to be disposed 

Drink plenty of water and take care of your diet 

How the Mustache Hair Transplant is Carried Out?

First of all, the doctors complete their examination step. After that, the actual procedure starts in which the doctor uses anesthesia to make the scalp numb so that the patient can not feel any extra pain.

In the transplantation process of 2 to 3 hours, the surgeon first takes the hair follicles from the back of the hair scalp and puts them in a bowl with a solution for processing. Then the recipient area is prepared by making small incisions with a punching machine. 

Hair grafts that were taken from the donor area are now transplanted efficiently in the area over the upper lips. The whole procedure is done so carefully by our staff and surgeons to give you the perfect and amazing outcomes without any side effects. 


As the Mustache Hair Transplant is done you now need some care which will assist in having long-term outcomes. The aftercare is:

You may face swelling, redness, and injury for around a week after the procedure but you can take care of it by the doctor’s prescriptions. 

Protect yourself from the sun and hot temperatures

Wash your hair smoothly 

Take the drugs only that your doctor has given

Avoid alcohol and eliminate smoking for some time for better rehabilitation


The Mustache Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 3499 to SAR 7999. Different reasons affect the price. These are the ones:

Clinical Area

Service Provided

Type of Transplant

Doctor’s Reputation

Number of Grafts Needed

And many more. However, this is a rough idea of the cost factors, the actual cost will be suggested by your doctor on your visit to the clinic. 

Get Your Heroic Appearance!

Being a sensitive hair transplant all the surgeons and doctors can not do the process. For this, an expert and professional hair surgeon is needed. Dr. Dina Elyamani in Harley Clinic has been performing such procedures for years and has transformed the looks of many. She knows the angles and the tactics for the treatment. If you want to grab your treatment. You can contact us today as we are here for you 24/7. Fill out the appointment form present below and book us right now.