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In this era, both men and women are very conscious about their physical appearance. They want to attract others. Due to advancements in technology, cosmetic surgeries are now possible to change your look. Especially women who want to enhance their breasts and buttocks. If you are looking for such an offer then. Yes! You are at the right place. However, most people want non-surgical techniques and do not want to take a risk. Our Harley Clinic offers Macrolane injections in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia for people who want to enhance their look without any surgery. These are special types of injections that increase the size of breasts and buttocks. Read more information given below.

What are Macrolane Injections?

These Macrolane injections are composed of a special substance made up of Hyaluronic acid. They are involved in the contouring of the body and their primary function is to increase the size of buttocks and breasts. You will not get any scar after these injections. The doctor will prescribe you the required number of sessions.

The Procedure of the Treatment:

The technique used is very effective for men and women. This procedure contains injections that are injected into a patient for the desired result. Before starting the treatment you should inform the doctor about the medical reports. At first, the doctor will apply anesthesia to the targeted area so that you will not feel any pain. The injection will be filled with the required substance and then will be injected into the breast or buttock for about 2 to 3mm. Those cuts will be closed by sutures. This whole procedure took 1 to 2 hours. This treatment will done very carefully. You can go home on the exact day of the treatment. You will be asked to take rest for 1 hour in the clinic. 

Conclusion of the Treatment:

This advanced technique has amazing results beyond your expectations. It helps to reshape the breast shape and construct the buttocks texture. A candidate will experience very less side effects. These injections will also contour the calves. It has long-lasting results. If you want to gain these results to transform your look then try to avail this opportunity.

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Aim of these Injections:

There are some major purposes of this treatment. Read some of the major aims of this treatment.

  • These injections can increase the size and reshape the breasts and buttocks.
  • By losing weight you lose the volume of your breast but with these, they can be reshaped again.
  • This treatment will enhance your confidence.

Expected Benefits:

Our Harley Clinic offers Macrolane Injections In Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia for both men and women who want to correct their physical appearance. This treatment has a lot of benefits. Some of them are given below:

  • If a candidate wants to look more attractive and wants to gain such wonderful results.
  • This is a non-surgical procedure without any pain.
  • A candidate can continue his/her routine after some time of the procedure.
  • You can recover quickly.
  • It is a good opportunity to avail body reshape.
  • This treatment is better than the surgical technique.
  • Your self-confidence will be boosted.
  • You can gain social interactions.

Before and After Care:

Our Clinic always does its best to guide a candidate for their quick recovery. You should read some of the important measures given by the doctor.

  • Avoid any type of exercise for some time after the treatment.
  • You should not drive during your treatment period.
  • A candidate should not undergo sexual contact. 
  • Wear loose clothes in which you feel comfortable.
  • Take all the medication regularly that is prescribed by the doctor.
  • Try not to run.
  • Do not take those medicines that are not given by the doctor.
  • Follow all the important instructions of the doctor for your fast healing.

Healing Time:

Macrolane is not a surgical technique yet it took some time to recover. It takes 7 to 8 weeks for the proper results. Your healing starts within 2 to 3 days. You can come to your normal routine in just two days. A whole treatment takes 12 to 18 months. It depends on the body’s characteristics. Healing time varies from person to person. You will not get any scar on the injection site. All you need is to show some patience. For quick healing follow all the major instructions of the doctor strictly. You will have a successful treatment if you take of yourself properly.

The Candidate Who Should Apply for This Offer?

There are some limits to this treatment. Please read the given information before availing this opportunity. Our Harley Clinic provides Macrolane Injections In Riyadh for those who are willing to have a painless treatment. 

  • A candidate should have good health and have optimist reviews about the treatment.
  • Those patients have small sizes of breasts.
  • If you suffer from skin problems after liposuction surgery.
  • If you want to achieve contoured buttocks.
  • You want to look sexier.
  • To transform your look you are fit for the offer.


The price of Macrolane Injection In Riyadh is affordable for you. But the exact price depends upon the condition of your body. The major factor for the price is the experience of the doctor, the number of sessions required, and the location of the clinic. To know about the exact price contact us for more information.

Why Prefer Us?

We know that everyone wants to look good for themselves as well as for others. Most people prefer non-surgical techniques and are in search of it. In this situation, you are at the right place for consultation. Our Harley Clinic provides Macrolane Injections In Riyadh & Saudi Arabia for you guys who want to change your appearance. We assure you that our team is very cooperative with their patients. Our doctors have a complete experience in their work. You will have satisfactory results that you want for yourself. Hurry up! And avail yourself of this opportunity.

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