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Loss of hair is something seriously stressful and affects a person’s looks as well as mind. Hair loss can occur at any stage of life and there are different reasons for that too, such as hormonal fluctuations, aging, and hereditary issues. All these reasons cause hair fall which leads to baldness and continuous hair thinning. After the hair transplant, the hair follicles get restored and start their growth. This transplantation has some candidacy criteria as it cannot work for everyone. Our hair surgeons in the Clinic will guide you through this. FUT Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia helps you in getting your required hairline. 

What is a FUT Hair Transplant?

This is a process of restoring the bald and thin scalp of a patient by using its hair strands from the back of the scalp. The follicles are withdrawn in the form of small circular patches. That is why this method is also termed a Strip Hair transplant. When the patch is taken from the back it is then processed for its final implantation. 

This is popular among people as it causes full hairline restoration without showing any visible bald region. It gives better outcomes than the other treatments at the same time because the quantity of grafts in this method is more making an additionally fuller headline possible.

Aim of the Treatment:

  • To recover the area of the head that is hairless and thin
  • Giving a natural hair look to the individuals
  • Providing results without side effects and risks
  • Helps in bringing back the lost hair look


After three to four months of the procedure, new hair starts its growth. The effects of the FUT hair transplant are not that instant as it works on natural phenomena so the candidate needs to be patient to watch the final impacts. 

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Who Should Get the FUT?

People who have the following points need to opt for this procedure. The attributes are:

  • If you are facing baldness and a scalp with multiple bald spots
  • When the patient has enough hair in the donor area 
  • Want to secure a large number of hair strands
  • The physical health of a person is good for transplantation
  • The candidate has enough scalp elasticity

What are the Preparatory Steps?

Before the final procedure day, a patient is required to follow a specific pre-care suggested by the physician. Some important steps to obey are:

  • Quit smoking and do not take alcohol for a few days
  • Avoid using blood-thinning medicines as they can slow down the healing 
  • Tell your doctor about your medical history
  • Discuss what you are expecting 
  • Wear clothes that are easygoing with 
  • Follow all the surgeon’s precautions

Procedure Details:

On the day of the FUT Strip Hair Transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia, your doctor will apply anesthesia on your scalp to make it numb so that you can not sense any aching. After that, the site from where the hair strap is removed will be marked. 

Once the marking is completed, a strip of six to ten inches will be cut off containing numerous hair grafts on it. These strands are then picked up one by one and processed for further procedure. This technique is not a simple one so an expert medic should carry out the strategy. 

The place, where the implantation will be done, is prepared with needles & then the follicles are inserted into them. After carrying out all the methodology carefully your doctor cleans the treated site and will apply an ointment to stimulate the recovery period. 

How the Post-Care is Done?

Do the following, once the technique is done:

  • Eliminate heavy exercises and lifting massive products 
  • Do not take any unnecessary drugs
  • Remove touching your treated zone 
  • Stop taking sun baths 
  • Have gentle hair wash
  • Go for follow-up consultations

All these aftercare steps need to be followed to get what you want.


A lot of advantages can be gained by receiving this mesmerizing strategy. The ones who get the treatment enjoy the following perks:

  • Natural-looking results: a natural and aesthetical hairline is obtained and the person feels confident
  • Permanent outcomes: you will obtain long-lasting effects as the hair grafts will continue growing once implanted in the region
  • No downtime: as the approach does not cause any scars the downtime will be small
  • Affordable: FUT is quite reasonable as compared to other transplants
  • Boost Self-Esteem: this process will increase your confidence and improve your dignity

Rehabilitation Span:

The recovery of the process takes one month or more. After this time you will be able to get back to your work again. In this healing era, the nominees should do all the precautionary steps guided by the medic. The doctor’s expertise plays a significant role in this period. If the doctor has carried out the process with accuracy there is a high chance of swift health returning.

Cost of FUT Hair Transplant Riyadh:

The price for the FUT Hair Transplant in Riyadh is from SAR 3999 to SAR 7000. By the page and reading the factor you can learn about the general price but the exact expense will be told by the surgeon during your consultation.

Each follicular unit will cost you separately and that is why the whole expenditure can not be told now. 

Achieve An Attractive Hairline!

Do not feel ashamed or less confident because you are bald or you are facing so much hair loss as we are here to assist you in this. You are not alone as a lot of people are suffering from the issue but the better step is to treat the thing bothering you instead of repenting. Get your FUT Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia from Harley Clinic today and achieve the looks you longing for. Fill out the form to book an appointment with our professionals.