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With time, beauty standards have been changed. These alteration standards can be complicated to keep up with. Social media apps nowadays have built-in filters with camera integrations that alter the candidate’s look. These apps play a very vital role in creating beauty standards. One of the most common beauty standards, these days is fuller lips. Those with real fuller lips are considered very pretty. Individuals with thin and indefinite lips get this either with Lip Fillers or with procedures. These methods of cosmetic treatment are performed by highly experienced doctors and physicians. Botox Lip Flip Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is one of the beauty treatments by which a candidate can get fuller and more defined lips.

What is Botox Lip Flip Treatment in Riyadh?

Some individuals may have a thin or indefinite lip that goes away when the candidate smiles or undefined lips where the upper lips are much thinner than the lower lip.

It creates the form of the lips. If the candidate has thin or uneven lips, after the procedure their lips will appear a lot fuller. In the case of individuals with undefined lips, their lips appear even and defined. The therapy is a method to get rid of these lip problems and to get defined lips. This is a cosmetic method that is non-surgical and involves no cuts for this method. A physician or a professional doctor should do this cosmetic process. The procedure is inserted into the upper or lower lip to get plump and defined lips. The therapy inhibits the movement of muscles in the lips.

Outcomes of the Therapy:

After receiving the process, injections have been inserted, tiny bumps may be observed on the upper lip where the treatment is injected. In some rare cases, it may also lead to temporary bruises. It may take some days to be healed. But, the outcomes are very quick, and just takes some days for them to be fully seen.

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Kinds of Methods:

There are two main kinds of methods. These are by use of fillers and Botox which is also called Botulinum toxin. Both are non-invasive and need o cuts. Both therapies insert a special kind of treatment into the lip to provide the desired effect.

Difference Between the Botulinum Toxin and Lip Fillers:

The important differences between these two are given below:

  • The one main difference is permanent and the effect of the other is comparatively or a short time. Lip fillers can also remain for some years. But, the effect of the toxin is generally for less than a year and only for some months based on the quantity of the injection used.
  • With fillers, the bruising may take around two weeks to heal. But with the toxin, there is no risk of bruises.
  • Botulinum is just for the upper lip of candidates with undefined lips that is, the upper lip is much thin than that of the lower, lip. Lip fillers can be used for any problem of the lip.
  • The toxin makes the lip appear fuller, and definite, whereas, filers make it definite by adding volume
  • Fillers have comparatively more risk of bad effects, making toxins a protective choice.

How Long Does the Therapy Last?

The results of Botulinum toxin remain for some months based on the dose taken. Its effect does not remain for a longer time and is a temporary treatment for a fast lip lift.

Advantages of the Process:

The therapy has gained huge success because of its wonderful and amazing benefits. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • This is a very cheap process compared to the fillers and other processes.
  • The therapy is non-surgical therapy and does not cause any pain.
  • Convenient and a sow procedure so it does not appear fake quickly after the process.
  • This is a natural and effective way to get improved lips.
  • The therapy makes the face paper much more pretty.
  • Very less side effects.

Who Should Receive the Procedure?

The individual who wants to get the Botox Lip Flip Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia should show certain signs to claim himself as the perfect patient. Some of the signs are given below:

  • If a candidate wants to have an improved pot.
  • A woman who breastfeeds or is going through a pregnancy period is not a good candidate for the process.
  • An individual who wants a temporary lip improvement.
  • Any candidate who wants to get an enhanced volume and just plumper lips.

If an individual goes through any severe medical issue, then he must appoint a physician first before getting the toxin. In some candidates, a serious skin issue may lead to negative after-effects. An individual who is already on some medication must also appoint their physician first as they can go from a negative reaction. Botox Lip Flip Treatment in Riyadh is performed after a detailed consultation with the physician.


Before getting the Botulinum toxin, the physician takes a detailed examination of the candidate. If the individual is on any medication like blood thinners such as aspirin, they may be asked to inhibit taking it for some days before getting the toxins. This is because blood thinners can cause bleeding.

General or local anesthesia or ice is applied to the treatment to moisturize the skin before inserting the toxin. After numbing, the skin care doctor inserts the solution into the upper lip. This is performed by using a fine needle. The quantity of the toxins is based on the desired outcomes of the candidate.

How Does this Therapy Perform?

The skin is initially cleaned completely before the method. This is an effective and safe method so the physician marks the region where the solution is to be inserted. The skin is tightened and then with a gentle needle, the physician inserts the toxin into the skin. Small amounts of Botulinum are inserted in a very shallow pan on the outline of the upper lip. The dosage is carefully injected according to the requirements of the candidate. This may be repeated every three to four months.

Post-Operative Measures:

After receiving the process, the candidate must avoid eating for some hours if general anesthesia is used by the physician on the lip. As it makes the mouth numb when eating there is a high chance of buying one’s tongue and conjuring it. The individual can however have a liquid diet. 

The candidate must obey the measures of the physician for the after-care, one of which is to get rid of sleeping facedown. It then provides the desirable and satisfying outcomes.

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