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Sometimes we develop certain growths on our bodies that are not cancerous, or dangerous but they can impact our appearance or can cause complications with time. Certain growths develop due to the blood vessels. Sometimes babies are born with red birthmarks that are caused due to blood vessels. This is known as hemangioma, although it is not dangerous if you are worrying about your child’s red patch of birthmarks. Then you can get it removed with the best efficient laser Hemangioma Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia.

Understanding Hemangioma Treatment!

The red or purple lumps or patches that appear on a baby’s skin due to the improper formation of blood vessels during pregnancy are known as hemangiomas. These look like rubbery lumps or red patches. These bumps are made up of extra blood vessels. Although they are harmless and do not require treatment. And most of the time they can go away on their own at the age of 5 or until the age of 10. However, treatment is recommended to remove them when they disrupt body functions or other things.

What Leads to Hemangiomas?

The exact causes of this vascular birthmark are unknown. However, some research says that they are often caused due to blood vessels, that were not formed properly during infancy. 

Who is More Prone to These Vascular Birthmarks?

Although hemangiomas can occur in anyone, they are more common to occur in:

  • Infants.
  • Premature babies.
  • Adults in their middle age.
  • Babies who are white are more prone to it.
  • Underweight babies.
  • These bumps are more common in females.
  • Also, people should know that these bumps can occur in about 10% of the babies.
  • They cannot be inherited.

Right Candidates for the Treatment;

For hemangioma treatment, the candidates who do not suffer from the below conditions are ideal candidates:

  • Individuals with infections or allergic reactions cannot undergo the treatments.
  • Epilepsy patients or people with oncological conditions are non-ideal candidates.
  • If you are pregnant then you cannot undergo the treatment.
  • Having sunburnt skin also makes you a non-ideal person for the procedure.

When to Treat Hemangiomas?

Although these red vascular bumps and lumps cause no harm or damage. But one should get them treated when they:

  • If the bump changes its color.
  • If the lump formation starts to bleed.
  • If this condition affects or blocks your vision then you should immediately consult an expert.
  • Somehow affects the ability to breathe, or disrupts other body functions.

Preparational Pre-Procedure Instructions:

Before the hemangioma treatment, one must follow the below instructions:

  • Discuss your questions and concerns with your doctor.
  • Keep the treatment site clean.
  • Wear a good sunscreen while going out.

Hemangioma Treatment Procedures at Our Clinic:

We use the following treatment methods at Harley Clinic Riyadh to treat these bumps caused due to blood vessels:

  • Laser Treatments:

Laser methods are very effective in treating and reducing the appearance of bright red spots. The tiny hemangiomas are usually treated in a single session while those of bigger size require more time and precision. The blood vessels containing hemoglobin soak up the laser energy. The laser also targets these blood vessels while reducing the appearance of the red bumps, and not targeting any surrounding area.

  • Cryosurgery:

During this method, the doctor uses low temperature to treat the hemangiomas. It is an effective method for getting rid of the tiny red marks. The wound becomes lighter with time, but the wound may require 3, to 4 weeks to heal.

  • Sclerotherapy:

During this treatment, the doctor injects sclerosing agents. These agents cause damage to the targetted blood vessel while providing long-lasting outcomes.

Post-Treatment Instructions:

During the recovery days, patients must:

  • Try to prevent yourself from going under too much sun.
  • Do not forget to wear sunscreen at any cost.
  • Noticing a bit of redness, or irritation is normal during the recovery period. And these side effects will subside within a few days.
  • For better healing, the clients can apply ice packs on the treatment region.

Positive Impacts of Treatment:

  • The treatment will help increase the confidence in a child.
  • No more red lumps, and bumps to be worried about.
  • The plus point is that it is a painless procedure.
  • It does not have any side effects.


Best Hemangioma Treatment in Riyadh Hemangioma Treatment Cost in Riyadh Hemangioma Treatment in Riyadh

Cost Details:

The Cost of Hemangioma Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is often the first concern of patients. However, the cost can vary for each individual. So our experts inform you about the price details after having a proper consultation with the patients. Many factors may influence the cost, such as:

  • The number of treatment areas.
  • The number of sessions.
  • Expertise of the surgeon.
  • Type of laser method.

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