Sideburn Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Restore Mustache

Sideburns are a crucial part of men’s faces and the hair on that area enhances the overall personality of a man. But sometimes, the hair growth on this part is reduced and is not according to other regions like the beard, mustache, and scalp, because of this the individual suffers and goes for techniques that can help them in restoring their side facial part. This Sideburn Hair Transplant In Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is helpful for the person longing to get a fully covered sideburn. With a success rate of 90%, it is popular among people also FDA-approved. Read more to know more.

How to Define Side Burn Hair Transplant?

The process is used to recover the side areas of the face on which the hair is thin, and not properly defined. By the technique, hair on the targeted area is recovered. The procedure results are natural and the hair growth remains to continue. The hair that is grown can be shaved like natural hair. Because of its safety and astonishing impacts, the treatment has become popular among men. Sometimes, the restoration is done for the overall scalp and otherwise, the procedure is limited to filling purposes.


The goals of the Sideburn Hair Transplant In Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia are to:

  • Provide masculinity to men
  • To increase the appearance of the man’s face
  • Women who have less hair on the sideburns can also get this
  • To raise the self-esteem of a person


When the hair transplant is done, the hair will first fall out and then start its growth. The outcomes will take around 2 to 3 months to show. The doctor who has carried out the process will decide the impacts of the treatment.

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There are several benefits of receiving the procedure. These are the ones written below:

  • Helps a person get a fuller and more natural hairline
  • Improves the facial features
  • Enhances the masculinity of a person
  • The confidence of individuals lifted up
  • Scars and injuries in the areas can be covered
  • Recovery is fast
  • No side effects

How the Issue is Diagnosed at our Clinic?

When you visit the clinic and start talking to our doctors they will ask about your medical history, your expectations for the treatment, and whether your area to be treated is analyzed properly. The session includes your discussion about every problem and detail with your medic.

Perfect Candidate:

Candidates who have the following can opt for the method. The attributes are:

  • When your beard is not looking smooth and symmetrical due to your thin sideburns
  • If the individual has undergone facelifting surgery
  • To improve the looks of the face
  • When you are medically fit and physically healthy
  • You are over 18 years
  • The patient holds realistic thoughts about the strategy

What Should Be Done Before the Transplant?

Before the main procedure, you are required to do some preparatory steps that will help you achieve better effects. The guidelines are:

  • Do not take alcohol and stop smoking cigarettes
  • Tell your doctor about your medical record
  • Eliminate the use of blood-thinning medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthily

Working Details:

While going for the procedure there are a few stages involved. These are described below:

First of all your hair surgeon will apply anesthesia to your scalp so that you can not feel the pain of the process. For the application, the doctor analyses the scalp condition and then applies. Then after that, the hair grafts are taken from the donor area with the help of a punching tool. These follicles are then processed for their insertion into the needed region.

For the incisions and cuts the experts should carry out the process. Small-sized circular cuts will be made on which the transplantation is done. Now the prepared strands of the hair are taken and implanted into the recipient area.

The procedure time is around two to three hours and mainly relies on the needs of the person.


Once the hair transplant is done, your doctor will give you some details about the aftercare that you ought to follow. These are:

  • Stop touching your treated zone
  • Do not use any type of medication either topical or oral without the consent of your physician
  • Eliminate vaping, smoking, and drinking
  • Try to sleep in an elevated position
  • Avoid sun exposure and high temperatures


The candidates can leave the clinic one hour after the surgery. You need to be very cautious with your care and treated area. The overall recovery time required for the process is 2 to 3 days.

In this rehabilitation era, the scalp may appear red or swollen but it can be tackled by following the precautionary steps. Getting the procedure by a hair professional with perfect expertise increases the chase for fast healing.


The cost for a Sideburn Hair Transplant In Riyadh & Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 7000 to SAR 14000. Many other factors take part in deciding the final pride of the transplant. These are the ones:

  • Location of the clinic
  • The reputation of the doctor
  • Desires of the patient
  • Condition of the nominee
  • Techniques used by the doctor

All these are just factors and can not give you the exact procedure cost. The real expense for the transplant will be told by your medic.

Why Choose Us?

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