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Are you fed up with thinning hair & bald spots, or do you use to hide them under your caps and hats? Or have you tried numerous remedies to get rid of this trouble but found no appreciable results? Then the only way left to treat this is with a Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at Harley Clinic to get a classy look that rebuilds your confidence. By using advanced and modern approaches,  the process of Hair Transplants has become much more effective and relatively safer than ever before. Whether you are willing to achieve a full hair transplant looking to fill up a little patch of the scalp, or fully change your glance. A hair transplant will give you natural and enduring effects by your expected effects.

Aim of the Treatment:

The below-mentioned points are some of the aims of this Hair Transplant:

  • Transferring the hair from the area containing normal hair to the region having thin hairs and baldness.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from thin and bald zones are usually recommended for this treatment.
  • To deliver a pain-free remedy by using general anaesthesia.
  • To assist you in preventing hair fall & restore your lost hair.

Results of Hair Transplant Riyadh:

Although this is somewhat slow it provides you with very effective results. As we know hair grows naturally on its own so some time will be required for the to be visible. Moreover, firstly the patient may experience a bit more hair fall before they start growing again.

Hair Transplant in Riyadh Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh Best Hair Transplant in Riyadh


The following are some of the advantages of the treatment:

  • It fills the empty sites of the head by providing new hair.
  • This will assist you to regain your trust in yourself.
  • The new hair has grown to have less supervision and is more effortless to be taken care of.
  • These transplants are long-lasting.
  • money-saving procedures.
  • The strategy will hide all the baldness.

Perfect Candidate:

The Hair Transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia design is not only for men but also for women. Anyone who is facing a non-hairy scalp, head trauma, or missing hairline can go for this transplantation. But before opting, you must assess the following for wished outputs, Generally, the good candidates are:

  • who has suitable physical and mental health
  • Constant hair loss.
  • Severe hair thinning problems.
  • Sufficient donor hair.


To start the process, general anaesthesia is given to the candidate to eliminate the pain, this will approach pain-free. After the anaesthesia has been given, a small thin piece of your scalp is eliminated from the side of your head & then further split into chunks, each with one to four hairs. Then, minor cuts are created on the recipient spot and the hair strands are then placed into these tiny cuts. After putting the grafts into the skin, the incisions are closed with sutures.

Kinds of the Hair Transplant:

Transferring hairs from one part of your crown to another region is accomplished in many ways. A few methods are given below:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction.
  • Robotic Hair Transplant.
  • PRP Hair Transplant
  • FUE Hair Transplant


In this type of hair transplant, single bristles are taken from the scalp of the patient. These follicles are eliminated irregularly. In FUE, small microscopic incisions are made on the head to cut the hair.

The doctors will select the number of hairs needed for harvesting & mark the contributor area.  This method is accurate and efficient. This process is now the most effective and famous among hair transplants these days.

FUT Hair Transplant:

This is a surgical method to restore the hair. In this method, a small part of a healthy scalp is cut and hair from that withdrawn patch is taken to the region where it is required. FUT results are more effective and accurate. This technique has been in use for several years.

Robotic Hair Transplant:

This involves the use of a computer constituent and a digital mapping system to perfectly discover the follicular units in the contributor area. For accurate and efficient results, the majority of people believe in this technique. 


After creating the PRP solution from the patient’s blood, it is insinuated into the targeted area. Sometimes, doctors may consider performing an ultrasound to direct injection This idea is used to improve the number of specific hormones or proteins, commonly called growth factors, in a certain area to increase the healing process. Recent examinations have shown that an expansion in the number of these factors has sped up the recovery process, lessened the aching, and even caused hair growth.

After Care:

To get the expected results, certain things must be avoided to get rid of any complicated effects such as:

  • Swimming, Smoking, 
  • Consuming Alcohol,
  • Heavy Exercise
  • Also, keep your skin hydrated during this time by sprays containing saline


The rehabilitation time for this process is approximately seven to 9 months. This can take additional time in some possibilities, but the final result of the procedure is the thickening of the hair in the targeted areas.

Cost of the Hair Transplant Riyadh:

The general price for a Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia, as with all other invasive procedures ranges from SAR 7000 to SAR 13,999. The fee of the treatment extremely relies on the accuracy and quality of the transplant, knowledge of the doctor, strategies, and site of the clinic, qualification of the doctors, and level of the clinic. Our Clinic provides the best techniques at a low cost.

Why Choose Us:

Our Harley Clinic Saudia is a place where numerous cosmetic treatments are done with great efficiency and accuracy. We are offering our patients a comfortable and safe environment. We offer 100 per cent successful surgeries. You can book a consultation by filling out the form that is present below. Our doctor deals with their patients politely and carefully and has the best surgeons with the best equipment.