Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Price & Cost

Immoderate sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis, can be an embarrassing and irritating circumstance for many individuals. It may affect various areas of the body, leading to soreness and a loss of self-belief in social conditions. In case you’re dwelling in Harley Clinic and struggling with hyperhidrosis, you are in good fortune. Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is an answer that promises to change your life for the better. At our clinic, we have fine medical doctors who know that each affected person is particular so they will tailor the treatment consistent with your requirements.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical situation characterized by excessive, uncontrollable sweating that goes past what is important for normal thermoregulation. It could affect diverse areas of the body, However, the maximum commonplace areas encompass the underarms, hands, toes, and face. At the same time as sweating is a natural reaction to modify body temperature, those with hyperhidrosis experience this phenomenon to an excessive degree, frequently brought about via emotional elements or for no obvious purpose in any respect. This embarrassing circumstance can now be treated with the assistance of laser treatment.

Ideal Candidate for the Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment:

The right candidate for Laser Hyperhidrosis treatment is an affected person who meets unique standards and shows certain traits that lead them to be splendid in shape for this clinical manner. Your healthcare provider will investigate your suitability for this manner in the course of a consultation. The following are the key attributes of an ideal candidate for Laser Hyperhidrosis treatment:

  • You’ve typically attempted conventional treatments to be useless or inadequate in coping with hyperhidrosis. 
  • You have average health, without underlying scientific situations that might contraindicate the procedure. 
  • You must have realistic expectations about the outcomes of Laser treatment.
  • You are willing to observe post-treatment instructions and attend comply-with-up appointments as needed to optimize the results.
  • You ought to know not to be a pregnant and nursing mom at the time of treatment.
  • You need to not have a history of severe pores and skin sensitivity, as this can affect their suitability for the treatment.

Benefits of Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment:

The benefits of Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia are manifold, making it a compelling preference for those seeking relief:

  • It gives a long-term result. Many patients revel in an extensive discount in sweating that may last for years.
  • The process is minimally invasive, which means that it calls for best small incisions and generally outcomes in minimal scarring.
  • Patients can frequently go back to their day-by-day routines within a brief duration, making it a handy preference for those with busy lives.
  • With excessive sweating beneath, individuals regain their confidence and experience more relaxed social sitting.


The consequences of Laser Hyperhidrosis treatment are promising and existence-changing. Patients who go through this progressive technique can count on a significant reduction in immoderate sweating, regularly inside just a few weeks. The results of the treatment are enduring, presenting long-term relief from the pain and socially demanding situations associated with hyperhidrosis. Furthermore, the treatment is minimally invasive, making it a highly painless choice for those looking for a strategy for their sweating troubles. With the discount on sweat manufacturing, patients can regain their self-confidence and enjoy a sweat-loose lifestyle without the concern of embarrassment in social conditions.

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Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment Procedure:

Laser hyperhidrosis treatment is a minimally invasive method designed to tackle immoderate sweating at its supply. This technique uses superior laser generation to target the sweat glands, lowering their hobby and, in some cases, getting rid of them altogether. Throughout the treatment, a specialized laser is used to target the sweat glands in the affected region. The laser electricity destroys or disrupts those glands, considerably decreasing their capacity to supply sweat. The manner generally lasts about an hour and is done inside the consolation of a medical institution. Laser hyperhidrosis treatment can be used on various body areas, inclusive of the hands, underarms, toes, or even the face. It is fantastically versatile, permitting sufferers to deal with their unique trouble areas efficiently.

Recovery and Aftercare Instructions:

The downtime after the process is minimal however taking care of the treatment place could be very vital. The medical doctor will deliver some instructions via which you may take proper care of yourself. Following are the aftercare commands for you:

  • Permit yourself some relaxation without delay after the system. you can commonly resume your everyday activities quickly after, but it’s an amazing concept to take it clean for an afternoon.
  • Live properly hydrated at some stage in your recuperation duration. Consuming water enables your frame to flush out any residual toxins and promotes restoration.
  • Be mild with the treated areas. keep away from harsh scrubbing or the use of abrasive skincare merchandise inside the treated regions for some days.
  • Attend any scheduled follow-up appointments along with your healthcare doctor.
  • Protect the treatment regions from direct solar exposure for a few weeks. 

Final thoughts!

Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is a progressive answer for those struggling with excessive sweating. With its excessive fulfillment charge, minimum invasiveness, and lengthy-lasting results, it’s a sport-changer for individuals looking to regain their self-belief and comfort. For getting the treatment procedure done make sure to pick a professional medical doctor or a skin care expert for the great effects. Our Harley Clinic has exceptional and experienced doctors who will analyze your situation and will perform the treatment to give you the best result. Ensure to book an appointment with us by filling out the consultation shape and our team will contact you shortly.