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What’s better than getting rid of the unwanted fat without any invasive procedure? Are you tired of having excess fat in different body regions? Or have your diet, and exercises not helped you get rid of them? Well, we have the best solution for all your fat problems. Non-Invasive Fat Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia uses different non-surgical techniques to help remove excess body fat without the individual feeling any pain. So keep reading our webpage, and discover how this process can benefit you in reaching your ideal weight goals.

A Brief Overview!

At Harley Clinic we use various non-invasive techniques to help remove the fat deposits that are hard to eliminate. These non-invasive fat removal methods are best for people who are afraid of surgeries and want to achieve their ideal weight without getting any major cuts. The methods for these non-surgical techniques involve the usage of injections or handheld laser devices that help get rid of the fat. At our clinic, we use FDA-approved methods and handheld devices of high quality.

What Results Can Non-Invasive Fat Removal Provide?

Well, the results of the treatment can vary for each individual depending on the amount of fat they have. However, the methodology promises a drastic reduction in stubborn fat cells. The clients will be able to notice the major results within 5 to 7 months. Once you see visible outcomes you can flaunt your body in any outfit you like confidently.

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Are You An Eligible Candidate?

To undergo these non-surgical procedures one must first lie in the below candidacy criteria:

  • One must have good overall health.
  • Individuals who don’t suffer from any serious diseases or other health issues.
  • People with an excess amount of sagging skin are not ideal for this treatment.
  • Someone close to their target weight.
  • Those who do not have any unrealistic expectations.

The Non-Surgical Treatment Options:

We use many different non-invasive treatment techniques at our clinic that can help you lose unwanted fat without being afraid of any scalpels, and knives.

Reducing Fat Through Laser Liposuction:

During this method, the surgeon uses a laser applicator which emits energy onto the fat cells. The applicator only focuses on disrupting and heating the fat cells and does not cause any damage to the surrounding areas. During the 25 to 30-minute process, the patient does not feel any pain, except for a tingling sensation.

Liposonix Method:

This method uses ultrasound waves to contour certain areas of the face, and body while getting rid of the fat permanently. These methods of high-intensity waves work well on heating the adipose tissues and also help increase collagen production. The method only aims at contouring, and size reduction of the fat, but the best part about it is that it does not affect the surrounding organs and tissues.

The Fat Freezing Method:

The cool sculpting method delivers low temperatures on the fat cells. These low temperatures help them freeze. After the fat cells are frozen they become crystallized and then they die. During this procedure, the doctor may use a temperature as low as 14 degrees.

Sculpsure Body Contouring:

This method applies a specific wavelength of energy to the fat cells and helps them shrink down. Over time these fat cells are eliminated from the body’s lymphatic system.

Ultra Slim:

This method uses a specific red light. The red light focuses on opening the pores on the fat cell wall. The fat is eliminated from the body through these pores

Positive Impacts of the Treatment:

Let’s take a look at the advantages of these treatments:

  • Since the methods are non-invasive you do not have to worry about any knives or scalpels.
  • The procedures do not take too long to perform, and the patient does not feel any pain during them.
  • Other than a slight bruising, or inflammation there are no other major side effects that one has to worry about.
  • The individuals can resume their daily life activities right after the treatment.
  • Successfully helps get rid of the fat with promising results.

Cost of Non-Invasive Fat Removal:

The Cost of Non-Invasive Fat Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is not fixed as many factors can influence the cost. However, we inform the price details to our clients after examining their condition, and after recommending the best suitable method. The factors that may influence the cost are:

  • The experience of the doctor you choose. A doctor with more years of experience will cost you more.
  • The geographical location of the clinic can impact the cost. If the clinic is in a more posh area then the procedural price will be high.
  • The type of procedure you have to undergo.
  • The number of sessions a person requires.
  • Follow-up sessions.

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