Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer in Riyadh Harley Clinic

As we age, our fingers often monitor the passing years more than we would like them to. The delicate skin on our palms can lose volume, main to wrinkles, veins turning more visible, and a more elderly look. However, with the advancement of cosmetic procedures, many people are turning to revolutionary beauty treatments to reverse those signs of ageing. The Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is one of the best cosmetic procedures to get those perfect hands.

What’s Hand Rejuvenation with a Fat Transfer?

Hand rejuvenation with fat transfer is a beautifully designed procedure to reverse the signs of ageing on the hands by restoring lost volume and enhancing normal texture. The treatment procedure entails the use of the affected person’s very own fats, harvested from areas with extra fats along with the stomach or thighs, through a minimally invasive liposuction procedure. These harvested fats are then purified to make certain the simplest healthful and feasible fat cells are used. The purified fat is sooner injected strategically into the palms to deal with specific regions. The treatment process also requires less recovery time.


The results of hand rejuvenation with fat transfer are transformative, presenting patients with a rejuvenated and extra younger look for his or her hands. The method correctly addresses unusual symptoms of ageing together with wrinkles, volume loss, and visible veins. With the use of the patient’s purified fat, the outcomes are remarkably natural looking and seamlessly integrated with the surrounding tissues. This approach now not only restores quantity but also improves the overall texture of the arms. The durability of the effects is an extraordinary benefit, as the outcomes can persist for several years, presenting patients with enduring pride. 

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Benefits of the Treatment:

  • In contrast to artificial fillers, fat transfer provides results that look and sense naturally, seamlessly integrating with the encompassing tissues.
  • One of the big blessings of Fat transfer is its sturdiness. The results can persist for several years and you do not need to go for the treatment after every other month.
  • Fat transfer is now the most effective treatment for rejuvenating the fingers however additionally gives the additional benefit of getting rid of undesirable fat from donor regions, which includes the stomach or thighs.

Best Candidate for the Treatment:

Candidates for Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia generally fall into positive standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the process. Perfect candidates generally consist of those who:

  • Candidates often have seen wrinkles, volume loss, or prominent veins on their arms that they desire to deal with.
  • Patients must have a clear understanding of the capability outcomes of the technique and hold realistic expectancies regarding the results it can obtain.
  • Candidates should be in desirable general fitness to undergo the procedure. Any underlying fitness conditions have to be discussed with the beauty professional in the course of the preliminary consultation.
  • Whilst the procedure entails the elimination of excess fats from donor areas, applicants are normally within a healthy weight range.
  • Smoking can adversely affect the recovery procedure, so candidates are often advised to give up smoking before and after the technique.


Hand rejuvenation with fat transfer is a meticulous procedure aimed at restoring volume and improving the texture of ageing hands. It starts with an initial session with a certified cosmetic expert, wherein the affected person’s expectations are discussed, and the treatment procedure is tailored for that reason. The subsequent step includes harvesting a small number of fats from areas with extra, generally the stomach or thighs, and the use of a minimally invasive liposuction technique. Once harvested, the fat undergoes a purification method to ensure the handiest wholesome and most feasible fat cells are used. The final step includes the best injection of the purified fats into the palms, concentrating on unique areas that require volume restoration. This cautious and strategic approach guarantees natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Recovery and Aftercare Instructions:

After the present process of hand rejuvenation with fat transfer, patients can expect an especially short recovery duration. At the same time as man or woman recovery time may additionally vary, maximum individuals can resume their activities within some days. However, it’s important to follow aftercare instructions to optimise the recovery technique and increase the durability of the outcomes. Right here are key aftercare instructions:

  • Patients are recommended to refrain from heavy lifting or engaging in strenuous physical activities for a specific duration to ensure the right healing.
  • Limiting excessive hand actions at some point in the initial days aids in the settling of the injected fat, giving the finest results.
  • Raising the hands whilst feasible reduces swelling and promotes a smoother restoration.
  • Any prescribed medicinal drugs or aftercare products have to be used as directed to control pain and aid restoration.
  • Practising hygiene is important to save you from infections at the injection sites.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Harley Clinic for your Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia for personalised and professional enjoyment that prioritises your aesthetic dreams and well-being. Our group of qualified beauty specialists is dedicated to handing over natural-looking effects, making sure your palms mirror the youthfulness you prefer. With a commitment to protection, innovation, and consumer delight, we stand out as a relied-on choice for the ones in search of comprehensive hand rejuvenation.