Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Cost & Deals

If you experience a lump in your breast you might be worried about it but not all the lumps are a matter of anxiety or they are not always dangerous. As soon as you find a lump you should consult with your doctor. Because having a checkup for the lump is important to make sure if it is cancerous or not. The size of a lump may vary. It can cause pain sometimes. Or otherwise painless at all. To check the lump your doctor might do ultrasounds, mammograms, and MRIs. Through these medical procedures, the doctor confirms the lump’s nature. 

What are the Causes of Breast Lump?

There can be many reasons for the formation of a breast lump. These can be the ones mentioned below:

Breast Cysts:

These are formed in one or both breasts and feel soft when touched. There can be more than one breast cyst and the sizes also vary. These cysts sometimes get vanish on their own but sometimes they need treatment for complete draining and cleaning. 

Hormonal Fluctuations:

Women who are between the ages of 30 and 50 are more likely to have these breast lumps. These types of lumps are hard and grow immediately. These do not usually require to be removed. But the doctor can advise you better. 


This is the main cause of benign lumps. Women who are young and in their 20s usually have these lumps. 

Breast Cancer:

Sometimes, breast cancer results in the formation of a breast lump. Not all breast lumps are because of cancer. 

Symptoms of Breast Lump:

If the breast feels lumpy as other breasts do then there is no need to get worried.

When a patient feels an uncommon mass or a lump on the breast 

Your arm is stiffer than normal or one side is different from the other

Feeling nipple inversion with nipple moving inside 

Redness, pain, or irritating feeling in the skin 

How the Breast Analysis is Done?

Breast Exam:

To check the problem, the doctor physically examines the patient. With the lymph nodes, the medic will do a proper examination. For that, some further analysis will be done, like magnetic resonance imaging, breast ultrasound, and mammography. 

Needle Biopsy:

Biopsies are also done to know the cause of the issue. This involves the removal of a lump sample from the breast for a detailed examination. 

Medical History:

Your medical history or the family record of lumps will be asked. 


Depending on the cause of the issue treatments vary accordingly. Your doctor will tell you about your specific treatment after the checkup. In case of infections, the problem can be treated with antibiotics. In other cases, where the drainage is required some sort of surgery will be carried out. In case of a lump that is cancerous, the doctor will prescribe the following:


With direct incisions in the breast, the cancerous lump is removed by the lumpectomy. 


When the cancer is in the advanced stage then the doctor goes for this step and removes the complete breast tissues. 


Chemotherapy is done in combination with other therapies. The pills that enter the vein kill the cancer cells. 


When surgeries like lumpectomy can not stand alone in the condition then the surgeons opt for the radiation process. 

When to See a Doctor?

If the patient feels a lump that is harder than the rest of the body or the individual is facing nipple orientation changes. Redness in the breast area or any other discomfort can cause the patient to think of the checkup. 

Are Breast Lumps Common in Men?

Yes, breast lumps can occur in men too. That condition is called gynecomastia. In this condition, a bump is formed under the areola area. The condition can happen in both breasts. The main causes for the issue are usually hormonal changes or some sort of medicine. The exact cause can be identified when the doctor meets the patient. But saying that the lumps are only formed in women’s breasts is not true, the lumps can form in the male.


The cost for the Breast Lump in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia varies from SAR 9999 to SAR 24,499. Many factors affect the price of the treatment. These are the location of the clinic, condition of the patient, stage of the disease, type of treatment, and the demand of the doctor. On the first consultation with the doctor, he/she will tell you about the exact price. before that, it is not possible to tell anything exactly about the cost. 


If there is no cancer and a simple surgery then the woman can perform their normal activities after a week. Do not lift heavy objects, and avoid jogging and other work that can cause bleeding or issues. You need to consult your doctor for improvement. Ask your doctor if you can go for driving. 

After Care:

Drink plenty of water and get rest as much as possible

You will need some time for your recovery so you can not continue your normal activities at this time. 

Consume a healthy diet to stay healthy 

Avoid heavy activities and avoid all the mental stress 

If you follow the aftercare properly you will get the recovery as soon as possible. 

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