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Skin is the outermost region of the body it is not only the protection for the internal organs but it is also a very significant presentation area of the body as it says about how pretty and younger you are. But when you start growing older this will influence your skin look and make it unclear and rough such as old but it does not matter if you are still living inside. To prevent the signs and symptoms of aging and want to look as young as your heart feels, modern technology has given a lot of methods, a few are surgical and the others are non-surgical for those individuals who are searching for a process without any pain or discomfort. One of the most influential and safe methods to prevent aging signs is Sculptra Fillers Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia which is performed by the most professional physicians at Harley Clinic Riyadh. So get a free appointment for yourself with us!

Goals of the Therapy:

The main goal of this therapy is not only a single rejuvenation of the dermis but also it is utilized on several body areas so it has a versatile range of benefits and its main purpose is to use in comparison to others. Some of the main goals are given below:

  • make the skin clear and definite
  • Add more volume to the region where they are inserted such as under the eyes, cheeks, hands, breasts, buttocks, and feet
  • Improve the tone and texture of the skin
  • Make the skin much after a pretty

Outcomes of the Techqniue:

The outcomes are surprising as compared to the expectations as this method provides a wonderful glow a brightness to the skin which is not expected from a non-surgical method. As well it enhances the form of the dermis and makes it look more pretty the outcomes can also be observed at the hospital or clinic at the time of free consultation.

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Perfect Patient for the Method:

Someone who wants to receive this therapy of Sculptra Fillers Treatment in Riyadh has to show some signs to prove themselves an ideal patient. Some of the signs are as follows:

  • Someone who has lost volume in the cheeks area
  • The person who has saggy skin
  • An individual who has reduced flexibility and elasticity in the skin
  • One who has dull and unclear skin
  • The candidate who wants to improve the form of the skin
  • The individual who wants to raise the butts and face
  • The one who wants to improve the volume of the butts

Pre-Operative Measures of the Process:

Before going for the therapy, make sure you stick to the instructions given by your doctor:

  • Do not use any blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin for the first week before the process. They can become a barrier in your healing process because of stimulating the bleeding from the treatment area.
  • A great range of alcoholic and other such fluids must not be taken for like twenty hours before the therapy.
  • While getting the therapy, you should not wear any makeup up skin care products in the treatment region. All insights related to the pregnancy and any kind of sensitivities must be known by the doctor before the procedure.


This treatment is performed by lifting the production of collagen in the dermis while improving the structure of the face. The cycle starts with a consultation in which the doctor examines the skin of the patient and makes sure they are perfect to get this method. On the arrival of the method, they mark the treatment area in cleaning the skin efficiently. It has been gone before by using a numbing cream. Then, these fillers are injected into the skin. And evenly spread in the overall area to give perfect volume and soft form to the skin.

Aftercare of the Technique:

After getting the process, it is very important to look after the region that is treated to get a fast helping process and perfect outcomes. Some of the main instructions to keep in mind for getting the process are given below:

  • Do not expose yourself a lot the direct sunlight.
  • You should apply a good quality sunscreen on the skin before going outside
  • Do not have an aggressive method in the treatment region 
  • Try not to have any other cosmetic method on the face unless full recovery

Advantages of the Process:

The therapy has become very famous because of its amazing advantages. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • It helps make your dermis younger and look pretty
  • You will get a more pretty and enhanced skin
  • It will also enhance the volume of the skin
  • This is a non-invasive method so that you will feel no pain or discomfort during or after the process
  • Eliminates the signs of aging
  • Rejuvenate the form of the skin

What is the Expense of This Method?

An approximate cost of Sculptra Fillers Treatment in Riyadh is based on several factors such as the standards of the clinic, the experience and qualification of the clinic, the condition of the patient, the type of method used, and, more. 

However, the actual charges will be told to you by visiting an expert and highly qualified physician.

Why Choose Us?

Harley Clinic Riyadh is not only a facility that gives cosmetic treatments but it is also a place where you can search for solutions for your issues and solve your disorders under the supervision of highly experienced doctors, experts, and patient-understanding physicians, gynecologists, dermatologists, cosmetic methods who understand you need to get the process. So do come to our clinic and get the therapy of Sculptra Fillers Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia at us.