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According to a survey, about 35 million people have a breast implant. However, you decide to enlarge or maintain the cup size of your preference. However, sometimes, some special patients require medical care to enhance their physical profile. If you need to undergo an enhancement or do you wish to upgrade your aesthetic appearance seeking a boost of confidence and self-assurance regarding your feminine body. Read about; Breast Implants in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia and head to our clinic for medical care and assistance. Our qualified team of the best Surgeons is working round the clock to help you achieve your desired aesthetic outlook.

What Are Breast Implants?

The surgery is also referred to as Breast Augmentation. It is a cosmetic procedure that allows us the flexibility of resizing and shaping the dimensions of the breasts. There are special devices that are used during the procedure to add volume inside the chest. This implantation aims to enlarge the breasts. However, the surgery was first introduced for the cancer survivors who had lost their breasts during the recovery. 

What Are The Expected Results?

Although the final results will reveal itself after a complete recovery. However, you may expect a good 98% success rate in the modification of your chest. In addition to this, the implants will last for a decade and promote elasticity and youthfulness to your physical appearance. 

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Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

Anyone with saggy breasts or lacking the contouring and shaping of the chest can opt for the consultation. We will perform a detailed diagnosis and examine your overall health condition during this personalized meet-up. Furthermore, your measurements are taken along with guiding you over the method of implementation before signing you up for this surgery.

What Are The Safety Precautions Beforehand?

  • Quit smoking 24 to 48 hours earlier and refrain from alcoholic beverages too.
  • If you are on any sort of medication, pause the intake after consulting with your general doctor.
  • You must not pluck out any hair or apply any paraben-based moisturizer on the chest.
  • Similarly, steer clear from wearing any body deodorant or perfume to the hospital.
  • Take a long shower or bathe yourself before leaving for your appointment.
  • Wear soft and baggy clothes. Ideally, we recommend, wearing front button-up garments to easily get back into them after the operation.
  • Lastly, it is necessary to not practice any physical exercises because it may cause internal muscular swellings or puffiness, which is not an ideal situation for the surgery.

What Happens During The Procedure?

  • This surgery is going to take place inside an operating room. We will put you to sleep using general anesthesia in particular. 
  • Some incisions are made on top. We will gain access to the internal tissues and create a pocket-like pouch within. 
  • The silicone or saline-based implants are cautiously placed inside each pocket. This process is going to last for a good 1 to 2 hours.
  • The incisions are stitched closed using dissolving stitches. In the end, some antibiotic medications are applied on top to prevent infection.
  • Your breasts are covered and sealed with the help of medical dressings. After which, you are shifted to the recovery room where you are taken under observation for 2 to 4 hours.
  • With clearance from the appointed Surgeon after observing early signs of improvements – you are discharged after a night or a day stay at the hospital. However, you are signed u for a check-up to track your progress and overall well-being post-surgery.

What Is The Homecare Afterward?

  • You are advised to take the prescribed medications as instructed to you. Even the topical treatments must be applied to the wounds timely.
  • Refrain from physical activities, including running or swimming. Even lifting heavy objects is prohibited during the recovery period.
  • Be very gentle when self-bathing. Putting the clothes back on should be dealt with carefully as well.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach or sideways. It is best to rest lying on your back, or you could adjust some pillows to feel comfortable.
  • Additionally, steer clear of alcohol and cigarettes because they two can interfere with your healing. 

What Are The Beneficial Outcomes?

  • It will restore the firmness and size of your breasts which may have decreased after pregnancy or post-weight loss.
  • Moreover, you will notice a symmetrical balance and youthful stability after a complete recovery.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy your feminism. You feel empowered and feel confident about yourself.
  • The implants will upgrade your aesthetic appearance and make you appear more sexually appealing. 
  • Your body will look perfectly polished due to newly shaped curves and creases to will add charm and radiance to your physical beauty.
  • On top of that, no more saggy breasts will lower your self-esteem. You are looking radiant and feeling lavishing.

What Are The Risk Factors?

This is an FDA-approved operation, therefore, the risks of any side effects are the bare minimum. You may notice swelling or bruises. Chest muscles may feel sore, or adjusting to the changes could be bothersome for the time being. These are all temporary complications. However, in case of serious bleeding, infections, or pain at the operated sites, be sure to contact medical care as soon as possible. Any delay may cause undesired outcomes. 

How Is The Recovery Going To Shape Itself?

You are encouraged to slowly begin walking within 24 hours of the surgery. However, to reach smoother results, you are advised to follow the aftercare guidelines. Moreover, the wounds will heal somewhere between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on your body’s capacity. Lastly, shortly after 6 weeks, you will recover from the inside out, and resume your normal routine respectively. 

What Is The Cost Of The Surgery?

This is a customized operation. Therefore, the estimation is going to vary from person to person. This is why, only the Surgeon in charge can highlight the exact value of the operation. However, to outline the average cost of Breast Implants In Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia the amount is priced at SAR 15,000 to SAR 27,000. 

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