Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound in Riyadh& Saudi Arabia Cost

Imagine receiving a treatment that has a high-tech twist and is similar to a relaxing spa day for your skin. It’s similar to receiving a polished diamond for your face! Two unique techniques used in this amazing skin makeover are ultrasound and microdermabrasion. Let me reassure you that this is different from afferent from your normal skincare regimen. You see, Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia acts as a facelift for your skin in a world where stress and pollution can harm it regularly.  What is the big deal? To put it simply, this treatment works like a skin-care magic wand. It’s an adventure into the unknown, where beauty and science combine in a way that’s so incredibly easy it almost seems unreal.

Main Goal:

Reviving your skin is the main goal of the procedure. The primary objectives are to smooth out your skin, highlight your healthy glow, and stimulate the production of more collagen, which gives your skin a youthful, fresh appearance.


You’ll notice an instant improvement in the texture and appearance of your skin after the treatment. But to get the full, long-lasting effects, usually a few weeks apart treatment is needed in a series. These benefits can continue for several months, even a year or longer, with regular maintenance.

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  • Rough patches are eliminated with this treatment, leaving your skin feeling remarkably smooth.
  • After the treatment, your complexion will be bright and dullness will be banished.
  • By increasing the production of collagen, this treatment helps to give your skin a firmer, more youthful appearance.
  • It helps make bigger pores less noticeable, giving your skin a smoother, more polished appearance.
  • After this treatment, your skincare elements absorb more readily and function more effectively because they reach deeper into your skin for the best results.
  • This treatment helps you look and feel younger by restoring a youthful vigor to your skin with its rejuvenating and collagen-boosting properties.

Ideal Participants:

  • It’s critical to have healthy skin that is free from serious skin conditions, infections, and open wounds.
  • People with mild to moderate skin difficulties, such as those with fine wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, or problems with skin texture, respond well to this treatment.
  • This treatment can be an excellent option if you want to revitalize your tired-looking skin and restore its healthy glow.
  • Because this treatment is non-surgical and soft on the skin, it is often a good fit for people who would prefer not to have surgery or other intrusive procedures.
  • It’s important to have reasonable expectations regarding the results of this treatment. Recognize that the finest outcomes can require several sessions.

Initial Appointment:

A thorough assessment of the patient’s skin type, concerns, and medical history is conducted by the specialist at the initial appointment for the Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. This discussion facilitates the creation of a customized treatment plan and helps ascertain whether the treatment is a good fit. The professional goes over the procedure’s mechanics, its advantages, and any risks or negative consequences that may arise. They also answer any queries or worries the patient might have, making sure they know exactly what to expect.

Preparatory Guidelines:

  • In the weeks preceding the procedure, patients are encouraged to protect their skin by limiting their exposure to the sun and using sunscreen.
  • Before receiving treatment, some skincare products, such as chemical exfoliants and retinoids, may need to be stopped for a few days or weeks.
  • Patients are recommended to drink plenty of water because maintaining appropriate hydration is essential for healthy skin.

How Is It Done At Our Clinic?

A thorough facial wash is the first step in the treatment, clearing away oil, grime, and makeup. 

Next, your skin is gently scrubbed using a specific device. This type of microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and encourages a smoother appearance.

Your face is covered in a transparent gel made of water. This gel facilitates the smooth operation of the ultrasound equipment by acting as a bridge for the ultrasonic waves.

Then, using a smooth wand, an ultrasonic device is used to begin working. Waves of highly high-pitched sound are sent beneath your skin by it. 

Its purpose is to:

  • Cleansing: It helps remove debris from deep within your body and clear your pores.
  • Product Penetration: By ensuring the skincare products are absorbed deeply, the ultrasound enhances their ability to perform their magic.
  • Collage Stimulation: Your skin produces more collagen as a result of the ultrasound, acting as a kind of natural skin tightener.

You may feel a little dryness on your skin. Thus, a mask or serum that is moisturizing is applied. A specific sunscreen is applied to protect your skin from UV damage by reflecting off the sun.


Following treatment, the recuperation phase is typically easy and hassle-free. The majority of patients have very little to no downtime. Skin may feel slightly sensitive, as it has been lightly sunburned, but this usually goes away in a few hours to a day. Patients are advised to refrain from overexposure to the sun, adhere to their regular skincare regimen, and use sunscreen consistently. Drinking lots of water helps keep the skin hydrated and radiant, thus it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Finally, it is advised that patients avoid using any abrasive treatments or harsh exfoliants for a few days to give their skin time to recover.

Possible Side Effects:

  • After the treatment, some patients may have slight redness, but this normally goes away in a few hours.
  • You may experience some sensitivity on your skin, similar to a mild sunburn, but this discomfort normally goes away in a day or two.
  • Rarely, there may be a small amount of swelling, particularly in the vicinity of delicate parts like the eyes, but it usually goes away soon.

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