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Burn wounds not only leave unwanted painful scars but also leave a traumatic memory with them. Do you wish to get rid of these traumatic, painful burn scars? Do they bring back a memory of an accident? Well, we can help you get rid of them. The new and innovative methods of Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia have helped many people enhance their skin by making these painful marks less visible. Embark on the journey to learn more about how this procedure can be helpful to you by learning more about it below.

Aim of Burn Reconstructive Surgery:

We understand how difficult it is to bear the pain of a wound from a burning accident, which leaves behind a lifelong scar. Well, now you do not have to remember your traumas because we can help you in dealing with your burn scars. The main aim of the Burn Reconstructive treatment is to improve the texture of the skin and to make the scar less visible. This surgery has proven to not only improve the skin but also the confidence of many patients. It works by improving the appearance of the damaged, and burned skin.

Burn Reconstructive Before And After:

Well, the patients will be able to see visible differences in their skin. The final results of the therapy will differ for each patient. However, the patients will be able to notice a visible reduction in the appearance of their scars. There will be a drastic reduction in the abnormally, discolored scars, and you will be able to feel more confident in your body. The outcomes will also differ on the type of treatment you achieve.

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Criteria of Treatment:

The surgeon will first make sure that either you are eligible or not to undergo the Burn Reconstructive Therapy:

  • Patients who are mentally and physically prepared to undergo the treatment to improve the texture, and appearance of their skin.
  • You must not have any active allergies, infections, or other health issues.
  • One must be above the age of 18 if they wish to undergo this technique.
  • If your burn scars make you self-conscious and you wish to improve your skin.
  • If you wish to forget the burn accident by removing these scars.
  • Individuals who do not expect unrealistic expectations.

Preparations Before The Treatment:

The first step is having a detailed consultation with the plastic surgeon, during this consultation try to discuss all your concerns, questions, and expectations. The plastic surgeon will recommend a suitable treatment but first, you have to follow certain instructions before the final treatment:

  • Provide complete information about your medical history, also discuss your previous surgeries, and the surgeries related to the burn accident.
  • The surgeon will carry out a complete physical examination to make sure that you are ideal for the treatment.
  • The candidates should avoid alcohol, smoking, and drinks that contain caffeine in them.
  • You will also have to undergo certain lab tests before the procedure.

Treatment Options For Burn Reconstructive Surgery:

At Harley Clinic Saudia our surgeons use viable options for treating burn wounds and making sure that the scars become less visible. Our procedures have been very helpful for burn victims, some of the methods that we use are:

  • Skin Grafts:

During this method, the surgeon takes a piece of healthy skin, also known as donor skin from a region that is less noticeable, and places it with great precision onto the damaged area that requires improvement. The method involves using dissolvable, or detachable sutures, but also leaves behind a visible scar.

  • Tissue Expansion:

This method aims at skin expansion. It is an effective, and reliable method that involves putting a ballon under the damaged area. The balloon contains fluid of saline solution. The fluid makes the skin grow and stretch. The procedure enables the skin to expand just like it does in pregnancy. When the skin is stretched the balloon is taken out and the expanded skin is utilized in repairing the damaged area.

  • Flap Surgery:

This method utilizes the skin flaps because they contain skin, fat, and muscle. The doctor will carry out a surgical operation to remove the flap from its original site, and then transfer it to the area which requires improvement.

Taking Care of Skin Post-Treatment:

After the surgery, the doctor will guide the patients about the post-procedural care that they should follow for proper healing of the skin.

  • Attend all your post-procedural appointments so that the doctor can assess your wound and healing.
  • To maintain your healing journey you must avoid alcohol and caffeine beverages. Also, try not to smoke.
  • Make sure that your flap surgery dressing stays in place.
  • Make sure to change your dressings to avoid infection, and also keep the dressing, clean, and dry to avoid infection.

Burn Reconstructive Benefits:

  • The treatment offers promising results and helps you achieve a less visible scar skin that you can cherish forever.
  • The lesser appearance of the wound offers more boosted confidence.
  • Offers a satisfaction of mind.
  • Helps make your personality more pleasing.

Cost Details:

To learn about the Cost of Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia you will first have to undergo a proper consultation with our expert surgeons. The cost can vary for each client so a consultation is necessary to examine the actual cost details. The cost may vary due to the following factors:

  • Type of burn reconstructive method you require.
  • The reputation, and location of the clinic.
  • The amount of area that requires improvement.
  • The severity of the wound.

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