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Have the sleep-deprived routine, overuse of laptops, or other reasons led to dark areas under the eyes? Well, don’t worry as you’re not alone. Almost every other individual suffers from dark circles under their eyes for different reasons. Sometimes, a good amount of sleep, healthy habits, and home remedies can work in getting rid of them. But if they do not work for you then we have the best solution of Dark Circles Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia for you. At our clinic, we use effective methods to help remove these dark under-eye areas that make people self-conscious.

Ditch the Tired Look with Dark Circles Treatment!

Have the irregular sleep cycles, overuse of technology, or genetic reasons left you with raccoon eyes? Well, dark circles are a common problem in many individuals’ lives. Although they are not harmful the dark areas under the eyes can impact the physical appearance of a person while making them always look tired. So if you’re tired of hiding them with makeup then you should rely on a permanent solution for Dark Circles removal. At our clinic, we focus on using effective methods that not only remove them but help rejuvenate your entire facial look with their results.

Common Reasons Why They Occur?

Let’s take a look at the common factors why areas under our eyes become darken over time:

  • Not having a sufficient amount of sleep.
  • You may have them if they are common in your family generations.
  • Not drinking enough water every day, and becoming dehydrated also leads one to develop dark circles.
  • Excessive drinking, and smoking.
  • Bad lifestyle, eating, and sleeping habits.
  • Rubbing the eyes harshly leads to the breakage of blood vessels.
  • Aging factor.

Why Should You Have This Treatment?

Below are several reasons why people mostly opt for this treatment:

  • People who want a good remedy for the dark shadows under their eyes.
  • Individuals whose eyes look tired even after sleeping.
  • The eye bags make you self-conscious and you want to get rid of them.
  • People who want a good solution for removing these eyebags other than makeup.
  • If you wish to enhance your appearance.

What Results Does It Provide?

Well, the outcomes of the procedure can vary for each individual. However, after the treatment, the clients will observe the visible difference in the following issues:

  • Helps lessen the pigment under the eyes.
  • Lessens the sun-affected areas.
  • It also helps in tightening the lower eyelids which can become loose with age.
  • Clients no longer have to live with a tired-looking face.
  • After the removal of dark circles, the clients achieve a fresher, brighter look.

Best Dark Circles Treatment in Riyadh Dark Circles Treatment Cost in Riyadh Dark Circles Treatment in Riyadh

Optimal Treatments at Our Clinic:

We always strive to perform the best, most effective procedures that are suitable for everyone. Harley Clinic  offers the following effective methods for getting rid of dark circles in Sydney while making sure that the clients achieve a fresher, brighter look:

  • Topical Creams:

Topical creams that contain hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, Polyphenol, and peptides are often recommended by the dermatologist. These creams are efficient in removing the under-eye darkening. But these ointments are not that reliable because their effect starts to wear off when you stop using them. Although it’s always necessary to use a good topical cream or consult your dermatologist regarding this.

  • Chemical Peels:

This is also one of the most effective methods. For this procedure, the dermatologist will apply glycolic acid, retinoic acid, lactic acid, or TCA peels around the eyes. These peels help fight against hyperpigmentation and the darkening issues of the eyes. 

  • Laser Therapy:

During this procedure, the dermatologist applies concentrated beams of laser under the eyes with the help of a laser tool. The expert will also move this tool repeatedly in the treatment area. The Laser treatment for dark circles improves the collagen and also tightens the skin. This method is a reliable solution for dark circles and also helps provide instant results

  • Dermal Fillers:

People who have thin skin should opt for this method. For this procedure, the expert uses fillers, and fat injections which help fill the lost volume under the eyes. However this method does not offer permanent results, and the results will last up to 5 or 6 months.

  • PRP Injections:

The platelet-rich plasma injections can help repair the damaged skin around the eyes. They also help in strengthening the blood vessels and enhancing the collagen in this region.

Effective Home Remedies:

There are many home remedies that one can try to reduce, or lessen the appearance of these dark circles. Please note that these remedies are not as reliable as cosmetic treatments:

  • Make sure you get a good amount of sleep.
  • Use more pillows while sleeping, this will help reduce puffiness.
  • Use a cold compress to reduce the swelling or puffiness.
  • Facial massages.
  • Putting cucumbers around eyes.

Cost of Dark Circles Treatment in Riyadh:

At our clinic, the Cost of Dark Circles Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is quite affordable but the charges can vary for different treatment methods. Our experts will inform you more about the cost details after an initial consultation.

Pros of the Treatment:

  • Individuals will achieve a younger, fresher appearance.
  • You no longer have to worry about panda-like eyes.
  • The treatment will help brighten the area around the eyes.
  • Say bye to puffiness.
  • Helps restore the under-eye volume.

Reach Out To The Best Experts!

Harley Clinic Riyadh has always been able to help deliver people optimal, effective treatment methods with excellent results. To learn more about Dark Circles Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia you can reach out to our expert dermatologist by booking a consultation with us.