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Your skin has a great effect on your appearance. Most of the women are very conscious about their looks. With old age, your skin becomes uneven and loses its flexibility. Aging signs started becoming prominent. Everyone is in search of a safe treatment to get the desired skin. Due to advancements in technology cosmetic surgeries are possible now. For this purpose, our Harley Clinic Riyadh provides Silhouette Facelift in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia for people who want to transform their look. With the help of this treatment, your skin will become smooth and look naturally contoured. It’s a perfect opportunity to avail. We are providing you with some of the details. Read them below.

What is a Silhouette Facelift?

It is the most advanced surgical treatment. It improves your skin like before. This treatment requires several sutures to be put into the skin with the help of needles. This will help your skin move in an upward direction. As this treatment is most recommended it has no side effects. A candidate will achieve the desired results. If you want to make your skin glow and have facial volume then you should avail this opportunity. 

The Goal of this Treatment:

Silhouette facelift has the following aims. Read them given below:

  • You will get youthful skin beyond your expectations.
  • A candidate will no longer face any criticism of her look.
  • This treatment will help you gain facial volume.

The Procedure Involved During the Process:

There are some major steps of this treatment. At first, the doctor will advise you to follow some important instructions. You have to follow them strictly. Then doctors will clean the candidate’s face properly so that they can’t get any infection. You are given local anesthesia so that the procedure becomes painless and you cannot feel discomfort. It’s the surgeon’s choice whether he/she spots the mark or not. Into your skin sutures are put in different angles along with bidirectional cones. This procedure is done with the help of small needles. These bidirectional cones will help to pull your skin upward. The doctor will put a slight pressure on the treated areas so that the skin will achieve a good lifting effect. You have to follow some prescriptions given by the doctor.


The results will be wonderful beyond your expectations. You will observe the immediate results after the surgery. A candidate’s face will be lifted. With time, the collagen skeleton is formed into the skin which will make the regeneration of youth long-lasting. 

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Benefits of this Treatment:

There are a lot of benefits of Silhouette Facelift in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. We are providing you with some of them given below:

  • With the help of this treatment, you will achieve a sharp facial contour.
  • A candidate’s scars and wrinkles will start diminishing from the skin.
  • You will achieve the perfect face of your desired dreams.
  • Your appearance becomes more attractive and younger than age.
  • It helps to uplift the face which will make you more beautiful.
  • A candidate’s self-confidence will boosted.
  • You will lead a peaceful life without any stress.

Recovery Time:

You will come back to your normal routine within 2 days. After your surgery, you have to avoid things like hard exercise or running. These activities will slow down the healing time. So be careful about these instructions. Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Every person has their own body characteristics. So it depends on whether you have a severe skin condition or not. All you have to show some patience and follow the given tips strictly for your quick recovery.

Before and Aftercare:

Every treatment has some precautions. Our Clinic provides the best guide to the patients so that they can recover easily. Read these instructions carefully before undergoing the treatment:

  • It’s a must for a patient to avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages for a month.
  • You should not eat food after noon before the treatment day.
  • A candidate should take all the medicines compulsory for the treatment.
  • Leave all the blood-thinning antibiotics before the treatment.
  • After the treatment, you should not undergo dental surgery.
  • Avoid exercise for one month after the treatment.
  • You should sleep on your back so that the treated area can be healed easily.
  • Follow all the given tips strictly for your fast recovery.

A Perfect Candidate Who Should Avail of this Offer:

There are some limits to applying for a Silhouette Facelift In Riyadh. Read the instructions below to know whether you are a perfect candidate or not.

  • You should be 30 years old or above it.
  • If you want to get rid of wrinkles and scars on the face.
  • A candidate should not be a pregnant or lactating mother.
  • You are not facing any medical disease.
  • You should have good reviews about this treatment.
  • If you want to transform your look.


The exact Price of a Silhouette Facelift In Riyadh depends on the condition of the patient and the experience of the doctor. Moreover, the main factor of the price is the number of required threads. Contact us to get to know the exact price

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If you want to change your life and look more attractive. Then you are at the right place for consultation. It is your right to maintain yourself. For this purpose, our Harley Clinic Riyadh offers Silhouette Facelifts in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia for you people. Our doctors are experts and have complete experience in their work. Not only the doctors but also the staff is very cooperative with the patients. We assure you that you will be completely satisfied with our work. Try to avail this opportunity and lead a peaceful life.

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