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Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt hurt after seeing your dull skin? Choose Dermal Fillers Injections in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia and get plumper and healthier skin in a few weeks. It is an anti-wrinkle treatment that delivers promising results to sufferers. If you choose this treatment there is nothing to worry about. Their popularity has increased rapidly over the past few years because they produce dramatic improvements in the texture of the skin. Due to its non-invasive nature, it is much less costly compared to traditional skin rejuvenation surgery. You are recommended to take multiple maintenance sessions after about 6-8 months to retain a healthy skin texture for a long.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that most skincare practitioners use in dermal filler injections. They are injected beneath the skin to plump up those areas of skin that lack volume. It boosts natural skin’s ability to produce more and more collagen. The treatment is very beneficial because it can deal with almost all skin problems. However, the results last for 1-2 years. You can also choose these filters if you want to increase the size of your lips. The treatment has a shorter recovery period and considerably fewer adverse reactions.

Following are some of the basic goals of getting fillers:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stimulate cell regeneration
  • Lessen the visibility of the wrinkles
  • Reduce fine lines on the mouth and around the nose
  • Enhance the appearance of your lips

Results of Fillers Riyadh:

The results of dermal fillers take 3 to 4 weeks to appear and they usually last for about 12 – 24 months. It is important to note that the results are temporary, you have visited our clinic again after a few months.

Dermal Fillers Injections in Riyadh Dermal Fillers Injections Clinic in Riyadh Dermal Fillers Injections Riyadh

Benefits of Filler Injections:

Dermal filler injection in Riyadh has numerous benefits.

Non-surgical Treatment:

The technique helps you regain your glow and confidence without the need for surgery, the procedure is done by injection without the risks of surgical intervention or anesthesia.

Quick Recovery:

After a dermal filler treatment, you can return to your normal routine without any problem. Although a bruise may appear, it will not impede you from having a normal life immediately.

Instantly Visible Results:

Although we will have to wait a few weeks to see the complete and definitive result, the truth is that the improvement is noticeable right away.

Long-lasting Results:

Although it may seem like a disadvantage, the truth is that with how easy this type of treatment is, you can return to it at another time. The fillings usually last up to 1 year and since they do not require any type of recovery, you can do it again when you need it.

Minimal Side Effects:

As an anti-aging treatment have mild side effects and a very low-risk rate.


Some types of Face fillers are found naturally in the body, so they are biocompatible and do not harm the body in any way.

Multiple Options:

There is a wide variety of fillers that adapt to any personalized treatment.

Suitable Candidates:

The treatment is recommended for patients who are seeking a procedure to improve their overall facial appearance. You are a good candidate for Dermal Fillers Injection in Riyadh if you,

  • Have dulled or sagging skin
  • Want a skin that looks radiant, healthy, and bright
  • Have sunken cheeks or thin lips
  • Do not smoke cigarettes
  • Have forehead lines, wrinkles, spots, and other aging signs
  • Expression lines have somehow become permanent
  • Have realistic expectations about the results of dermal fillers


You need to prepare yourself and your skin before undergoing Dermal Filler injection treatment. Some pre-procedural instructions are listed below,

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure 2 weeks before the treatment
  • Take all prescribed medications on time
  • Discontinue the use of ibuprofen, aspirin, and blood thinners some days before the treatment
  • Use strong SPF sunscreen before going out
  • Quit smoking for at least a week before the treatment


Before the treatment make sure your dermatologist is experienced and qualified. The procedure is simple and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If more than one facial features need treatment the procedure can take up to an hour. The following steps are performed in Dermal Filler Injection treatment,

At first, the treatment site is cleansed and local anesthesia is administered to it

A small number of fillers are injected directly into the skin tissues


The treatment is safe but there are some aftercare instructions that you have to follow after getting dermal filler injection treatment,

  • Avoid exposing the treatment area to direct sunlight for at least a week after the treatment
  • Take good care of the injection site because carelessness can result in infection
  • Avoid pressing the treatment for about 72 hours post-procedure
  • Avoid strenuous exercises for some days after the treatment


It is possible to significantly restore facial lines after the treatment performed by our experts. The best part about this procedure is that it is done without surgery. Thanks to this, the procedure is very effective for the face and the site of the operation.

You will experience slight swelling, bruising, and redness in the treated site immediately after the treatment. The best thing about them is that they last for only 20 to 30 minutes. You are allowed to continue your routine tasks once the procedure is completed.

Cost of Fillers in Riyadh:

The cost of Dermal Fillers injections in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia can range from SAR 12,999 to SAR 19,999. The actual cost of the treatment will be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation. The factors impacting the cost will include:

  • The complexity of the treatment
  • Dermatologist’s experience
  • Clinic level & location
  • Type of fillers used

The Dermatologist will explain everything in detail, so if you want to ask more about it get in touch with our experts.

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