Female Hair Transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Cost

Are you also one with hair loss problems & trying to find a solution? A Female Hair Transplant in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is the best option you have. The process works by getting hairs from the donor area and transplanting them into the patient area. This can help you achieve your dream of having long, shiny, and thick hair. This situation can occur due to different reasons such as genetics, hormones, imbalances, and many more. This can minister while using either FUT or FUE technique. The surgery is a safe and secure method for any woman to treat hair loss or other trials related to hair loss.

Targets of the Process:

The aims of the treatment can vary from individual to individual. Some main purposes of the treatment are:

To achieve healthy, thicker, shiny hairs. To reach a younger look and appearance.

Want to change the look of your hair? Have a fine line of hair making your face look more improved.

To become more confident about yourself and your looks.

Want a better life quality or enhance your quality of life?

You are looking for the best treatment and want long-lasting results.


The results of the process counter some factors like the type of the process, the experience of the surgeon, and some others. Some of the main effects that will appear are:

After a few weeks, your bald area will begin to fill. You can also feel some redness but it will last only a few weeks. You will have an accurate and improved hairstyle.

Best Female Hair Transplant in Riyadh Female Hair Transplant Cost in Riyadh Female Hair Transplant in Riyadh

Ideal Candidate:

You are a perfect candidate for the Female Hair transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia if:

You hold a donor zone that has enough amount of hair follicles that can be transplanted in your head or treated area.

Do not have hair fall or have stabilized hair loss. Want to overcome hair fall?

It is a surgical treatment so it is important that you are in good health and do not have any medical conditions that can increase the complication of the process.

You are willing to lose all kinds of medications you are taking and follow the surgeon’s instructions.


Before undergoing this surgery it is necessary to obey some guidelines to lower the risk during the operation.

Stop certain medications: Some medications like blood thinners and aspirin can increase the chance of bleeding during the process so you must stop taking such medicines at least a few days before the operation.

Avoid alcohol and smoking: Alcohol consumption and smoking can increase the time of healing so it is necessary to stop taking these.

Follow specific instructions: The patient must follow some basic steps to enhance the quality of results. The individual may have to avoid certain foods and beverages.

The Procedure of the Surgery:

The process involves the following steps:

The candidate is positioned on a surgical table. The hair from the donor area is trimmed to a specific length. The anesthesia is applied on both the donor and recipient regions to minimize the discomfort. The hair from the donor area is withdrawn from either one of the several techniques. These hairs are processed to be put in the patient’s area by examining them. After this, the doctor will create small incisions on the candidate area and transplant these hairs in these incisions. These cuts can rely on the amount & size of the follicles being transplanted. The surgeon will make sure that each follicle adjusts properly for better results in the process. After this, the medic will give you some instructions to follow after the treatment.


Here are some basic steps to follow once the surgery is done:

Avoid touching or scratching your scalp for at least 48 hours to avoid any damage to new hair follicles that are now a part of your hair.

Dodge physical activity or exercise as sweating can increase the risks of infection.

Use a specific & smooth pillow for the first night to avoid swelling and for better results ultimately.

Do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours after the procedure. After this, you can wash your hair smoothly with the recommended shampoo.

Don’t go to direct sun exposure as it can increase the risk of swelling and infections.

Do not take any medication without the doctor’s pedagogy and follow all the other steps which the physician told you.

You must stay patient as it can take a few weeks for hair follicles to grow. You may have to go to consult your doctor so they can see the results and can give you further instructions according to the results.

What are the Advantages of Female Hair Transplants in Riyadh?

There are multiple benefits of Female Hair transplant in Riyadh out of which some important are:

The process can aid you in restoring healthy, thicker, and shiny hair. The new hair follicles can help you get all these qualities of your hair.

Unlike other solutions such as extensions and other hair transplants is a permanent solution. After some time they will become part of your natural hair.

The results will be mind-blowing using advanced techniques in this field. This can help you boost your confidence and quality of life.

Once the procedure is done you don’t have to take extra care of your hair as they only require normal routine washing and styling.

The technique can be done according to your desire and still, you can gain amazing influences.

This will help you in covering the bald area of your head or treating side and thus increase your facial and overall look.


The price depends on many factors the area of the baldness, the number of hair follicles required, the method used, and the technique used. Except for all these factors the location of the clinic and the experience of the doctor also affect the expenditure. Usually, the expense of the treatment varies between somewhere 10000 SAR to 30000 SAR. It is an approximate cost the actual cost may depend on the factors that are given above.

Why Female Hair Transplant in Riyadh is the Best Option for you?

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