Hypertrophic Scars Removal Treatment in Riyadh Harley Clinic

Scars no matter how they occur, or at what part of the body they occur can always bring back painful memories. People can often become embarrassed due to their presence if they are in a place not covered by clothing. Do you suffer from hypertrophic scars and wish to get rid of them? Well at our clinic, we use the latest, and most promising techniques that can either completely help get rid of these marks or lessen their extended appearance. So read on to explore how you can reclaim smoother, more comfortable skin with our Hypertrophic Scar Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia.

A Brief Guide to Hypertrophic Scars:

These are the raised, reddish scars that occur at the site of a healed injury. They can often become itchy but they do not expand further from their wound location. Unlike other scars, these stay within the boundaries of injury. Although these scars are not cancerous they can hide cancer tissues within them. So it’s always wise to get them removed or checked as soon as possible. Although they do not specifically require treatment if they cause itching, and discomfort then it’s time to get rid of them.

Outcomes of Removing Hypertrophic Scars:

Well, the treatment results can vary for each person. Some might be able to completely get rid of them after the treatment while some may achieve a less visible appearance of their scars. What kind of results a person achieves depends on the location, size of the scar, and also the experience of the surgeon. Each scar also requires a different period to get rid of it, while some people may require a single session others may require 2 to 3 sessions.

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Here is how you can know if you have hypertrophic scars because they have the following signs and features:

  • They only appear and stay around the wound region and do not expand.
  • They either have pink, or red color.
  • These appear in areas where the skin is tight such as the back, chest, shoulders, upper arms, etc.
  • They usually appear a month or two after the injury.
  • Can become less visible with time, but sometimes require a proper treatment to help remove them.

Candidacy Criteria:

Although there are no candidacy criteria required to remove scars.

  • If you’re bothered by their appearance you can undergo a certain effective method to remove them.
  • Methods such as lasers can be harmful to women who are either expecting or breastfeeding their babies. So it’s always essential to consult your doctor before deciding anything.
  • People of any age group can undergo this therapy as their doctor ensures they are ideal candidates.

How To Prepare For The Procedure?

It’s essential to follow the recommended instructions before undergoing the treatment:

  • Always make sure to keep your wound area clean, and moist.
  • Do not put any extensive tension on this certain region.
  • If your healthcare provider advises you to use silicone gels, or any ointments then make sure to apply them as recommended.
  • Taking good care of the wound area will also help in achieving good results after the treatment.

Effective Treatment Options For Hypertrophic Scars:

Sometimes these scars heal themselves on their own or fade away with time, but when they do not heal or fade then a good treatment is required.

  • Topical Treatment:

Some silicone gels, sheets, or steroid injections are used in various combinations. The doctor may use them after every few weeks to help lessen the raised scarring and appearance of the wound.

  • Cryotherapy:

This process uses freezing technology to remove scar tissue reducing its appearance and size.

  • Laser Scar Removal:

The Laser scar removal methods are effective as they help target the blood vessels in hypertrophic scars, this helps reduce the redness. This process overall helps in achieving smoother skin. But for the method, the expert will place wet sheets around the wound area so the laser beams only target the treatment region and do not cause any harm to the surrounding area. At the end of this procedure the doctor will apply a cooling ointment to reduce the skin burns from the therapy.

  • Pressure Garments:

Wearing pressure garments or applying certain pressure can result in collagen synthesis. This will also help control the blood and other nutrients in the affected region while minimizing its elevation.

  • Surgical Process:

Surgery is only recommended by the surgeon when other methodologies do not work.  The surgeon performs surgical excision to cut the damaged area or to redirect the lines that cause tension in this region.

Care After The Procedure:

  • Try to follow the instructions given by your healthcare provider.
  • Protect the treatment region from sun exposure to prevent it from having any type of pigmentation.
  • Do not forget to attend your follow-up appointments.

Pros of Procedure:

  • The procedures are low traumatic, promising, and effective.
  • It helps improve the texture and make the skin appear to be more smooth.
  • Helps you regain your long-lost confidence.
  • Painless methods that provide effective results.

Price Details:

Our healthcare professionals will help inform you about Hypertrophic Scars Treatment Costs in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia after examining your condition first. As the treatment plan is based on unique skin and scar characteristics, the cost may vary for every patient.

Embrace Skin Confidence!

Say goodbye to the marks that bring back traumatic memories of unforgettable experiences. Harley Clinic Saudia strives to perform the best-advanced methods for Hypertrophic Scar treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia. To consult our experts kindly fill out the consultation form.