Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Price Harley Clinic

Imagine a way to transform your unwanted hair without maintenance sessions or pain. Enter the world of hair bleaching which is carried out using laser technologies at Harley Clinic Riyadh. This approach is gaining too much popularity because it not only lightens hair but also simplifies daily routine. The other interesting fact is that it is available at a very affordable rate so individuals can benefit from it without breaking the bank. Scroll down to learn more about Laser hair Bleaching in Saudi Arabia price and book us now! 

About Laser Hair Bleaching:

Laser hair bleaching is a modern approach to hair removal procedures combined with laser machines. Sometimes hair grows again after every type of removal process which impacts the confidence of the victim. Bleaching is a way that lightens the hair colour making it less noticeable. The results from this approach are permanent so there is no need for maintenance sessions or painful procedures. 


A customized laser emitting a specific wavelength of light is used to target the melanin in the hair follicles. This light energy is absorbed by the melanin, which causes it to heat up and, as a result, reduces the hair’s ability to generate pigment over time. As a result, the color of the hair gradually lightens.

Cost of Treatment:

According to our experts, Laser hair bleaching in Riyadh price starts from 500 Riyal. This is an estimation and the final cost will be decided after a meeting at our clinic. The cost changes because of the following factors:

Treatment Area: 

The size and location of the area that needs to be treated affect the cost. Smaller portions, such as the upper lip or underarms, are frequently less costly than larger portions, like the back or legs.

Number of Appointments: 

It frequently takes several therapy sessions to get the desired effects. The quantity of sessions required is determined by elements such as the region being treated, the thickness and color of your hair. Higher spending totals are typically associated with more sessions.

Practitioner’s Expertise: 

The person who performs the laser must be experienced with a high level of skills. These are crucial to get successful treatment. However, the level of practitioner affects the price because highly experienced may charge more for their services.

Technology Used:

For hair bleaching, a variety of laser technologies can be employed, and the type of laser equipment utilized can affect the price. Advanced lasers may provide more effective results, but they are still more costly.


The cost may increase if the treatment plan is customized to fit your particular skin type and hair type. Although customized therapies can be more expensive, they frequently produce the finest outcomes.

Consultation And Patch Test: 

It is necessary to confirm your eligibility for the operation and to evaluate how your skin will react to it, however, some clinics charge for the initial consultation and patch test.

Follow-up and Maintenance Costs: 

You might require frequent maintenance sessions after the initial therapy sessions to maintain the effects. These upkeep appointments will raise the total bill.

How Do Our Experts Bleach Your Hair?

The journey to laser hair bleaching is done in the following steps:


Before starting the bleach procedure our experts will give you some preparation instructions that may include:

  • Do not apply makeup before 2 days of the process.
  • Stay away from sun exposure and hot baths.
  • Trim the hairy area to gain maximum results.
  • Use mild skin products.
  • Take a nutritious diet containing proteins.
    Stay well hydrated.

Procedure day:

  1. The doctor starts the treatment by sanitizing the area and then applying a cooling cream. 
  2. The laser device is exposed directly to the skin which throws light beams on hair follicles and targets the melanin in them.
  3. In this way, hair becomes invisible, and dark-colored hair becomes blonde. 
  4. The number of meetings will be settled according to your hair condition.
  5. This approach will give a promising result and you can get this treatment on all body parts except the eyes. 


After going through the procedure, you have to follow the following instructions to gain the required results:

  • Do not use harmful products.
  • Use recommended soothing creams.
  • Apply sun-protecting creams.
  • Avoid touching the treatment sites.
  • Avoid getting any kind of hair removal done.

Experience The Beauty Of Light Hair With Us!

At Harley Clinic Riyadh, we understand that achieving the perfect hair shade is a personal journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Join us on this transformative journey, and let us help you achieve the lighter, more beautiful hair you’ve always desired. Book your appointment today and learn more about Laser Hair Bleaching At Saudi Arabia Price!